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Quartz Gastrocin
Quartz Gastrocin.png
Enemy Data
Defensive Stats
850 Health
Impact Res.
80% Impact.png
Damage Resist
40% Physical
80% Decay
40% Frost
-40% Fire
Found At
The Grotto of Chalcedony

Quartz Gastrocin is an enemy in Outward.


A variant of a Gastrocin with quartz crystals growing out of it.


The Quartz Gastrocins only use their spells, they do not have a melee attack. The spells are wide AoE blasts so it can be difficult to fight multiple of them with melee, you will need to move around a lot or make use of magic or ranged weapons.


  • Shoots several blasts which deal 50 Decay Decay damage, 140 Impact.png Impact, and inflict Plague (49% buildup).
  • Blasts which deal 30 Frost Frost damage, 80 Impact.png Impact and inflicts Chill (49% buildup).
  • Retreats into its shell, gaining +25 to all Damage Resistances, healing 50 health instantly and continuing to regenerate for a few seconds. This also creates a blast which deals 3 Decay Decay and 3 Frost Frost damage, and inflicts Slow Down (20%) and Hampered (10%) every 0.5 seconds for 3.5 seconds.

Drop Table[]

Guaranteed Items

Insect Husk.png Insect Husk (1-2)
Thick Oil.png Thick Oil (1-3)
Nephrite Gemstone.png Nephrite Gemstone (1)

Random Items 1
This drop table will be rolled 1 times.

Empty drop23.53%
Cold Stone.png Cold Stone (1-2)23.53%
Crystal Powder.png Crystal Powder (1)35.29%
Blue Sand.png Blue Sand (1)11.76%
Chalcedony.png Chalcedony (1)5.88%

Random Items 2
This drop table will be rolled 4 times.

ItemsChance *
Empty drop50%
Ochre Spice Beetle.png Ochre Spice Beetle (1)12.5% (41%)
Gravel Beetle.png Gravel Beetle (1)12.5% (41%)
Crysocolla Beetle.png Crysocolla Beetle (1)12.5% (41%)
Funnel Beetle.png Funnel Beetle (1)12.5% (41%)

* The second number indicates the total chance of receiving the drop at least once, from 4 rolls.

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