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Quest Giver
Hallowed Marsh or Monsoon
Join a Faction
Quest Type
Parallel Quest

Purifier is a Parallel Quest in Outward.


This quest has a timer of 35 days, which begins at the start of the quest. Failing to complete the quest in this time-frame will result in an immediate failure.

Additionally, this quest will also be failed if you have not completed it by the time you reach your third faction quest, and wait the 3 days.


Starting the Quest[]

A map of the White-Clad Missionaries' locations. Click here for the full size image.

In order to begin Purifier, you must have joined a faction. There are three possible ways to begin the quest from that point:

  1. Find the White-Clad Missionaries directly, before you begin the quest (see "White-Clad Missionaries" section)
  2. When entering Monsoon, a Guard may stop you and tell you to speak to Mofat
  3. Speaking to Mofat directly after joining the Holy Mission, you can also begin the quest.

White-Clad Missionaries[]

The player finds the White-Clad Missionary.

Find white-clad missionaries on the Pilgrim Road, flanked with luminous Sun-Pillars, in the Hallowed Marsh.

The White-Clad Missionaries can be found in the Hallowed Marsh along the Pilgrim Road, marked by the glowing Sun Pillars. You will see a campfire, a Broken Tent, and various litter along with the corpses.

Refer to the map above to see exactly where the Missionaries can be found. The main location is west of Reptilian Lair.

If it has been 5 days since you have been in the Marsh after you joined a faction, the Missionaries will be found at the alternate location further south near a dead Stekosaur.

Find the Missionaries and interact with the corpse to progress.

[Optional] Monsoon[]

Note: this section is optional, and does not impact the outcome of the quest.

[Optional] Talk to Mofat in the city of Monsoon.

Speak to Mofat in Monsoon, and choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "Talk about the trouble in the swamp". You tell Mofat that the corpse was found near 3 bedrolls, to which he replies that this means there must have been other travelers. He thinks that the missionary was likely traveling with Amalie and Alemmon, the Philosopher trainer. He suggests speaking to him for more information.

[Optional] Talk to the Philosopher Trainer Alemmon, in the north-east of Monsoon.

Talk to Alemmon about the trouble in the swamp, and he will tell you that indeed he was one of the missionaries who were attacked. He tells you they were taken to a "mountain not too far from the campsite", to the west. He also says it was a "large network of tunnels [...] burrowed by tree roots."

Alemmon is referring to Dead Roots, in the north-west of the Marsh, which is where we will need to go to investigate.

Dead Roots[]

The top entrance of Dead Roots.

Find the bandit hideout on spiraling cliffs, in the Hallowed Marsh's west.

Make your way to Dead Roots in the north-west of Hallowed Marsh. It is recommended to use the top entrance, not the bottom entrance, although if you are already familiar with the dungeon then it makes little difference.

When you are approaching Dead Roots and reach the top of the hill, turn left instead of continuing forward, and head up to the tree on the very top of the hill. This is where the top entrance is, head inside.

Investigate the hideout for several pieces of evidence.

From the top entrance of Dead Roots, we will need to collect three pieces of evidence. However, collecting all four notes is recommended if you wish to obtain the Glowstone Backpack or enter Dead Tree.

The first note.

  1. Head directly forward over the first wooden bridge, down a set of stairs, and through the bushes into a hidden room with an Immaculate. The note is on the table at the back of this room.

The second note.

  1. Head back and continue down through the dungeon. Keep on the path until there are metal cages on your left and wooden stairs ahead. The note is on the left on a small table.

The third note.

  1. The third note is down the wooden stairs on the next table.

The fourth note.

  1. The fourth note is at the bottom of the dungeon, near the bottom entrance on a table.

At this point, you can leave if you wish. However, there is also a fifth note implicating Jager Sullivan, which can be found in Dead Tree.

  1. From the fourth note at the bottom, head up one level and find the wooden door with a Tuanosaur head as a handle
  2. Open the door, and head through into Dead Tree
  3. There is an Ornate Chest, the final note ("Pilgrim Information"), and the Glowstone Backpack behind the stairs leading up to the Ornate Chest.

Finishing Up[]

With at least three notes of evidence collected, you can leave Dead Roots.

[Optional] Present the evidence to Lockwell, in Monsoon.

It is optional to talk to Lockwell about this, but it will bolster the security of Monsoon, which will help you in your final faction quest.

If you wish to talk to Lockwell, simply head to Monsoon and speak to him about the trouble in the swamp.

Go to the city of Berg, in the Enmerkar Forest, to warn someone in a position of authority.
[Optional] Confront Jager Sullivan in the City of Berg, in the Enmerkar Forest.

Make your way to Berg in Enmerkar Forest. At this point, you can choose who you would like to hand the evidence to. The outcome of your success is determined by who you choose (see Outcomes below).



If you spoke to Lockwell about the evidence:

  • The number of Guards in Monsoon is increased, and they will aid in the player's final faction quest.

Depending on who you hand the evidence to:

Holy Mission[]

Members of the Holy Mission will also receive on success:

  • 3x Survivor Elixir and the recipe for it, provided you did not give the evidence to Jager.

Sorobor Academy[]

The Soroboreans Sorobor Academy members may hand the evidence to a member of the Academy:


  • The amount of enemies in Monsoon during your final quest is increased, and the number of Guards is reduced
  • Dead Tree is permanently inaccessible


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