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Protective Presence is an Enchanting Guild Recipe in Outward. This Enchantment requires The Three Brothers DLC and must be performed at an Enchanting Guild in New Sirocco.



Compatible Items[]

IconNameDamageImpact.pngImpact.png ResistProtectionBarrierSpeedDamage Bonus%DurabilityWeightEffectsClass
Angler Shield.pngAngler Shield The Three Brothers55 Physical
55 Impact.png19% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2758.0SappedShield
Astral Shield.pngAstral Shield The Three Brothers26.4 Physical
6.6 Frost
20 Impact.png18% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed7% Ethereal
7% Lightning
Crimson Shield.pngCrimson Shield39 Physical
58 Impact.png19% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2607.0Shield
Dragon Shield.pngDragon Shield13.8 Physical
9.2 Fire
43 Impact.png15% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed1758.0BurningShield
Enchanting Table Shield.pngEnchanting Table Shield The Soroboreans15 Physical
34 Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed505.0SappedShield
Fabulous Palladium Shield.pngFabulous Palladium Shield32 Physical
51 Impact.png17% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed3007.0Elemental VulnerabilityShield
Fang Shield.pngFang Shield18 Physical
37 Impact.png14% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed1755.0BleedingShield
Forged Glass Shield.pngForged Glass Shield The Three Brothers33 Physical
51 Impact.png21% Impact.pngBarrier1.0 Attack Speed2605.0SappedShield
Galvanic Shield.pngGalvanic Shield The Soroboreans38 Physical
56 Impact.png18% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2755.0PainShield
Gold-Lich Shield.pngGold-Lich Shield17.5 Physical
17.5 Lightning
51 Impact.png18% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed3006.0DoomedShield
Golden Shield.pngGolden Shield18 Physical
41 Impact.png14% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed1503.0Shield
Horror Shield.pngHorror Shield10.2 Physical
23.8 Decay
56 Impact.png18% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2506.0Extreme PoisonShield
Inner Marble Shield.pngInner Marble Shield36 Physical
56 Impact.png18% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed3008.0ConfusionShield
Kazite Scutum.pngKazite Scutum The Soroboreans23 Physical
43 Impact.png14% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed1755.0WeakenShield
Marble Shield.pngMarble Shield32 Physical
51 Impact.png17% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2608.0ConfusionShield
Militia Shield.pngMilitia Shield The Three Brothers33 Physical
51 Impact.png17% Impact.pngProtection1.0 Attack Speed2605.0Shield
Mushroom Shield.pngMushroom Shield8.4 Physical
5.6 Decay
33 Impact.png10% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed853.0PoisonedShield
Old Legion Shield.pngOld Legion Shield23 Physical
43 Impact.png15% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed1755.0BleedingShield
Ornate Bone Shield.pngOrnate Bone Shield19.2 Physical
12.8 Ethereal
51 Impact.png17% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2206.0HauntedShield
Palladium Shield.pngPalladium Shield25.6 Physical
6.4 Lightning
56 Impact.png18% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed3007.0Shield
Plank Shield.pngPlank ShieldPhysical
25 Impact.png10% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed853.0Shield
Round Shield.pngRound Shield15 Physical
36 Impact.png12% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed1305.0Shield
Savage Shield.pngSavage Shield18 Physical
43 Impact.png15% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed3005.0Extreme BleedingShield
Slumbering Shield.pngSlumbering Shield The Three Brothers30 Physical
40 Impact.png17% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2008.0SappedShield
Smoke Shield.pngSmoke Shield The Three Brothers33 Physical
20 Impact.png17% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2605.0BlazeShield
Spore Shield.pngSpore Shield8.4 Physical
5.6 Decay
37 Impact.png12% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed1503.0Extreme PoisonShield
Steel Shield.pngSteel Shield25 Physical
46 Impact.png15% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed1755.0Shield
Tower Shield.pngTower Shield18 Physical
56 Impact.png16% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed2509.0Shield
Tsar Shield.pngTsar Shield41 Physical
66 Impact.png22% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed10.0Shield
Vigilante Shield.pngVigilante Shield The Three Brothers35 Physical
55 Impact.png21% Impact.pngProtection1.0 Attack Speed2605.0Shield
Wolf Shield.pngWolf Shield41 Physical
44 Impact.png18% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed4008.0CrippledShield
Zhorn's Demon Shield.pngZhorn's Demon Shield48 Physical
60 Impact.png20% Impact.png1.0 Attack Speed3256.0Shield

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