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Pressure Plate Trap
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The Pressure Plate Trap is an advanced type of trap trigger in Outward. The Pressure Plate trap cannot be crafted, unlike the Tripwire Trap.


Device that must be armed with a compatible item, then triggered by an enemy.

A specific passive skill must be learned in order to deploy a pressure plate.


Pressure Plate traps require the Pressure Plate Training passive skill to be used. Once armed, an enemy simply needs to walk over the trap in order for it to triggered. There does not seem to be any limit to how many traps can be placed, however, as with most deployables, placing one requires a relatively flat surface.

The effects of Pressure Plates can be improved with Pressure Plate Expertise.


  • When triggered, the trap and armed item will be destroyed (unless Pressure Plate Expertise is learned, then only the armed item is destroyed).
  • Traps are not affected by damage bonuses from the attacker.


Trap Armed With Effects
Ethereal Trap Ghost's Eye
Occult Remains
Shark Cartilage
Spiritual Varnish
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Flash Trap Firefly Powder
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Frost Trap Ice Varnish
Blue Sand
Cold Stone
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
  • + 40 Frost Frost damage (total 120 Frost)
Improved Incendiary Trap Explorer Lantern
Fire Varnish
Fire Stone
Obsidian Shard
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Improved Toxic Trap Dark Varnish
Poison Varnish
Phytosaur Horn
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Incendiary Trap Charge – Incendiary
Old Lantern
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Nerve Gas Trap Charge – Nerve Gas
Creates an area-of-effect cloud, which inflicts the effects below every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds (total 8 times):With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Sapped Trap Arcane Dampener
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Shock Trap Bolt Varnish
Gold-Lich Mechanism
With Pressure Plate Expertise:
Toxic Trap Charge – Toxic
Boiled Miasmapod
With Pressure Plate Expertise:

Acquired From[]

Merchant Sources

Engineer Orsten 15100%Levant
Lawrence Dakers, Hunter The Soroboreans 3 - 8100%Harmattan
Luc Salaberry, Alchemist The Three Brothers 6100%New Sirocco
Patrick Arago, General Store The Three Brothers 3 - 5100%New Sirocco
Howard Brock, Blacksmith The Soroboreans 217.6%Harmattan
Patrick Arago, General Store The Three Brothers 1 - 1212.7%New Sirocco

Loot Container Sources

Adventurer's Corpse 1 - 619.9%Caldera
Supply Cache 1 - 619.9%Caldera
Supply Cache 1 - 615.6%Abrassar, Chersonese, Enmerkar Forest, Hallowed Marsh
Adventurer's Corpse 1 - 210%Caldera, Myrmitaur's Haven
Calygrey Chest 1 - 210%Steam Bath Tunnels
Chest 1 - 210%Abandoned Living Quarters, Ancient Foundry, Antique Plateau, Bandit Hideout, Chersonese, Corrupted Cave, Destroyed Test Chambers, Electric Lab, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Hallowed Marsh, Jade Quarry, Levant, Old Sirocco, The Vault of Stone, Vendavel Fortress
Corpse 1 - 210%Hive Prison, Scarlet Sanctuary
Hollowed Trunk 1 - 210%Caldera
Hollowed Trunk 1 - 210%Enmerkar Forest
Junk Pile 1 - 210%Ancestor's Resting Place, Cabal of Wind Temple, Caldera, Cierzo (Destroyed), Dark Ziggurat Interior, Dead Roots, Electric Lab, Face of the Ancients, Ghost Pass, Stone Titan Caves, Sulphuric Caverns, The Slide

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