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Polearms are slashing or blunt two-handed weapons in Outward. As opposed to Spears, Polearms have wide, powerful attacks, providing high Impact over greater area.


Polearms are used in the traps:

Polearm Skills[]

List of Polearms[]


Halberds are an excellent choice of weapon for beginners, due to how easily they deal with multiple Enemies and their high Impact.

IconNameDamageImpact.pngProtectionBarrierStaminaSpeedDamage Bonus%Mana CostDurabilityWeightEffects
Astral Halberd.pngAstral Halberd The Three Brothers32.8 Physical
8.2 Frost
15 Impact.pngStamina1.2 Attack Speed7% Lightning
7% Fire
Beast Golem Halberd.pngBeast Golem Halberd34 Physical
41 Impact.png6.5 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed4258.0Bleeding
Chalcedony Halberd.pngChalcedony Halberd The Three Brothers17.5 Physical
17.5 Frost
37 Impact.png6.25 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3256.0Slow Down
Cleaver Halberd.pngCleaver Halberd28 Physical
41 Impact.pngStamina0.9 Attack Speed3508.0
Crescent Scythe.pngCrescent Scythe23.25 Physical
7.75 Ethereal
41 Impact.png6.3 Stamina1.2 Attack Speed2504.0Elemental Vulnerability
Damascene Halberd.pngDamascene Halberd The Three Brothers40 Physical
47 Impact.png6.75 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4006.0Increases the damage of weapon skills
Dreamer Halberd.pngDreamer Halberd22.5 Physical
22.5 Ethereal
48 Impact.pngStamina1.1 Attack Speed5256.0
Duty.pngDuty The Three Brothers40 Physical
44 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed7778.0Burning
Holy Blaze
-10% Stamina recovery rate
Fang Halberd.pngFang Halberd25 Physical
31 Impact.png5.8 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed2504.0Bleeding
Forged Glass Halberd.pngForged Glass Halberd The Three Brothers48 Physical
41 Impact.pngBarrierStamina1.0 Attack Speed4006.0
Galvanic Halberd.pngGalvanic Halberd The Soroboreans39 Physical
44 Impact.png6.75 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3256.0Pain
Ghost Reaper.pngGhost Reaper24 Physical
24 Decay
50 Impact.pngStamina0.9 Attack Speed-15% Mana Cost4507.0Haunted
Giantkind Halberd.pngGiantkind Halberd15.5 Physical
15.5 Fire
37 Impact.png6.3 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4257.0
Gold Guisarme.pngGold Guisarme29 Physical
34 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed3507.0
Hailfrost Halberd.pngHailfrost Halberd The Three Brothers24.5 Physical
24.5 Frost
51 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed15% Frost
Horror Halberd.pngHorror Halberd The Soroboreans34.5 Physical
11.5 Decay
49 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed3006.0Extreme Poison
Iron Halberd.pngIron Halberd21 Physical
27 Impact.png5.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3256.0
Kazite Partizan.pngKazite Partizan The Soroboreans31 Physical
31 Impact.png5.8 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3256.0Weaken
Marble Halberd.pngMarble Halberd41 Physical
49 Impact.png6.5 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed4008.0
Masterpiece Halberd.pngMasterpiece Halberd The Three Brothers51 Physical
55 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed4306.0Increases the damage of weapon skills
Meteoric Halberd.pngMeteoric Halberd The Three Brothers21 Physical
21 Fire
52 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed3456.0Holy Blaze
Militia Halberd.pngMilitia Halberd The Three Brothers30 Physical
47 Impact.pngProtection6.25 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed4006.0
Mushroom Halberd.pngMushroom Halberd23 Physical
27 Impact.png5.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed1757.0Poison
Obsidian Halberd.pngObsidian Halberd The Three Brothers16 Physical
16 Fire
37 Impact.png6.25 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3256.0Burning
Palladium Halberd.pngPalladium Halberd25.5 Physical
8.5 Lightning
41 Impact.png6.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed5258.0
Ruined Halberd.pngRuined Halberd The Three Brothers30 Physical
44 Impact.png6.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2008.0
Sanguine Cleaver.pngSanguine Cleaver30 Physical
40 Impact.png6.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4008.0Extreme Bleeding
Savage Halberd.pngSavage Halberd31 Physical
37 Impact.png6.3 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed3504.0Bleeding
Smoke Halberd.pngSmoke Halberd The Three Brothers41 Physical
49 Impact.png6.75 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4006.0Blaze
Spore Halberd.pngSpore Halberd35 Physical
41 Impact.png6.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed1256.0Poisoned
Thrice-Wrought Halberd.pngThrice-Wrought Halberd18 Frost
18 Fire
43 Impact.pngStamina1.1 Attack Speed4257.0
Troglodye Pole Mace.pngTroglodyte Pole Mace27 Physical
17 Impact.png4.4 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed1006.0Confusion
Tsar Halberd.pngTsar Halberd67 Physical
62 Impact.png7.7 Stamina0.8 Attack Speed10.0
Vampiric Halberd.pngVampiric Halberd The Soroboreans44 Physical
41 Impact.png6.5 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed3256.0Leeches health on hit
Vigilante Halberd.pngVigilante Halberd The Three Brothers47 Physical
49 Impact.pngProtectionStamina0.9 Attack Speed4006.0
Virgin Halberd.pngVirgin Halberd The Soroboreans34 Physical
40 Impact.png6.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed3255.0
Withering Pole Mace.pngWithering Pole Mace41 Physical
42 Impact.png6.5 Stamina0.9 Attack Speed756.0Confusion
Wolf Halberd.pngWolf Halberd The Soroboreans38 Physical
36 Impact.png6.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed4007.0Crippled
Worn Guisarme.pngWorn Guisarme16 Physical
14 Impact.png4.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed2004.0


Staves are a form of polearm that gives a huge boost to spellcasting at expense of a shorter range and lower damage.

IconNameDamageImpact.pngStaminaSpeedDamage Bonus%Mana CostDurabilityWeightEffects
Ancient Calygrey Staff.pngAncient Calygrey Staff The Three Brothers30 Physical
45 Impact.png6.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed20% Lightning
20% Frost
-20% Mana Cost2255.0
Astral Staff.pngAstral Staff The Three Brothers20 Physical
20 Fire
15 Impact.pngStamina1.2 Attack Speed14% Ethereal
-20% Mana Cost2504.0Doomed
Calygrey Staff.pngCalygrey Staff The Three Brothers27 Physical
40 Impact.png6.875 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed20% Lightning
-15% Mana Cost2006.0
Compasswood Staff.pngCompasswood Staff12 Physical
12 Fire
41 Impact.png6.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed20% Fire
-20% Mana Cost2255.0
Cracked Red Moon.pngCracked Red Moon The Three Brothers25 Physical
40 Impact.png6.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed15% Fire
Crystal Staff.pngCrystal Staff15 Physical
15 Ethereal
31 Impact.png6.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed-10% Mana Cost1256.0
Frostburn Staff.pngFrostburn Staff The Three Brothers40 Physical
40 Impact.png6.875 Stamina1.1 Attack Speed20% Frost
20% Fire
-15% Mana Cost2506.0
Gold Quarterstaff.pngGold Quarterstaff28 Physical
30 Impact.pngStamina1.2 Attack Speed3256.0
Ivory Master's Staff.pngIvory Master's Staff33 Physical
43 Impact.png6.5 Stamina1.2 Attack Speed-20% Mana Cost3505.0
Jade-Lich Staff.pngJade-Lich Staff12 Physical
12 Decay
41 Impact.png6.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed20% Decay
-20% Mana Cost2256.0
Mage's Poking Stick.pngMage's Poking Stick13 Physical
37 Impact.png6.3 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed1255.0
Master's Staff.pngMaster's Staff29 Physical
41 Impact.png6.5 Stamina1.0 Attack Speed-20% Mana Cost2255.0
Quarterstaff.pngQuarterstaff17 Physical
14 Impact.pngStamina1.2 Attack Speed1503.0
Revenant Moon.pngRevenant Moon The Three Brothers30 Physical
40 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed35% Fire
20% Mana Cost3005.0Blaze
Rotwood Staff.pngRotwood Staff15.5 Physical
15.5 Frost
48 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed20% Frost
-25% Mana Cost2255.0
Scholar's Staff.pngScholar's Staff20 Physical
34 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed20% Lightning
-15% Mana Cost2255.0
Troglodyte Staff.pngTroglodyte Staff5.5 Physical
5.5 Ethereal
22 Impact.pngStamina1.0 Attack Speed-10% Mana Cost1756.0


Standard Combo
Attack Pattern Standard > Standard
Description Two wide-sweeping strikes, left to right
Full Length 1.590 seconds (1.0 speed)
Multipliers 1.0x DMG 1.0x Impact.png 1.0x Stamina
Special Attack
Attack Pattern Special
Description Forward-thrusting strike
Full Length 1.589 seconds (1.0 speed)
Multipliers 1.3x DMG 1.3x Impact.png 1.25x Stamina
Combo 1
Attack Pattern Standard > Special
Description Wide-sweeping strike from left
Full Length 2.584 seconds (1.0 speed)
Multipliers 1.3x DMG 1.3x Impact.png 1.25x Stamina
Combo 2
Attack Pattern Standard > Standard > Special
Description Slow but powerful sweeping strike
Full Length 4.234 seconds (1.0 speed)
Multipliers 1.7x DMG 1.7x Impact.png 1.75x Stamina

Other combo patterns include:

  • Sprint attack: Performs a unique side-striking animation, but with no multipliers (1.0x)


  • Quarterstaff uses slightly different multipliers, but otherwise has the same animation set. See the Quarterstaff page for more details.

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