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Rise and shine, Trog spawn!

The playable Troglodyte is a secret character creation feature which players can use to play as a Troglodyte.

How to play as a Trog[]

Put a Common Mushroom in a Legacy Chest, and create a new Character. Choose the character with the mushroom in the chest as your Legacy Ancestor, and then start the new character to play as a Trog.

Trog Differences[]

There are a few major limitations in regards to Equipment and Skills:

  • You can only equip Spears and Polearms for weapons
  • You cannot wear any other normal Human Equipment other than special Trog items
  • You cannot use normal Human Active Skills, but you can use normal Passives

Instead, Troglodytes have:

Troglodytes can also use some special Equipment:


The playable Trog was discovered as part of the Lost Trog Puzzle near the release of The Three Brothers DLC.

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