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Pistols are ranged weapons in Outward with shorter range than bows, but have a lot more damage. They consume one bullet per shot fired, and cannot be manually aimed the same way as a bow and thus Pistols require lock-on.

Pistols are held in the offhand and must be reloaded and fired with the use of a skill. The reload time is long however, so be careful during combat.

Multiple skills require a pistol being equipped.

Pistol Skills[]

List of Pistols[]

IconNameDamageImpact.pngProtectionBarrierDamage Bonus%DurabilityWeightEffects
Astral Pistol.pngAstral Pistol The Three Brothers72 Physical
18 Decay
10 Impact.png7% Ethereal
7% Lightning
Bone Pistol.pngBone Pistol32 Physical
32 Ethereal
50 Impact.png1501.0Haunted
Cage Pistol.pngCage Pistol The Soroboreans90 Physical
75 Impact.png2501.0Weaken
Cannon Pistol.pngCannon Pistol59 Physical
100 Impact.png2503.0Confusion
Chalcedony Pistol.pngChalcedony Pistol The Three Brothers68.4 Physical
21.6 Frost
60 Impact.png1501.0Slow Down
Chimera Pistol.pngChimera Pistol90 Physical
70 Impact.png1002.0Elemental Vulnerability
Flintlock Pistol.pngFlintlock Pistol57 Physical
45 Impact.png2001.0
Forged Glass Pistol.pngForged Glass Pistol The Three Brothers87 Physical
50 Impact.pngBarrier2001.0
Galvanic Pistol.pngGalvanic Pistol The Soroboreans81 Physical
65 Impact.png2001.0Pain
Hailfrost Pistol.pngHailfrost Pistol The Three Brothers43.5 Physical
43.5 Frost
65 Impact.png2501.0Crippled
Horror Pistol.pngHorror Pistol The Soroboreans60 Physical
25 Decay
45 Impact.png1751.0Extreme Poison
Kazite Pistol.pngKazite Pistol The Soroboreans62 Physical
53 Impact.png2001.0Weaken
Meteoric Pistol.pngMeteoric Pistol The Three Brothers47.5 Physical
47.5 Fire
75 Impact.png2001.0Holy Blaze
Militia Pistol.pngMilitia Pistol The Three Brothers72 Physical
66 Impact.pngProtection3001.0Crippled
Obsidian Pistol.pngObsidian Pistol60.34 Physical
24.64 Fire
60 Impact.png1502.0Burning
Ornate Pistol.pngOrnate Pistol86 Physical
65 Impact.png2252.0
Smoke Pistol.pngSmoke Pistol The Three Brothers60 Physical
75 Impact.png3001.0Blaze
Vigilante Pistol.pngVigilante Pistol The Three Brothers90 Physical
90 Impact.pngProtection2001.0Crippled
Wolf Pistol.pngWolf Pistol The Soroboreans87 Physical
53 Impact.png2752.0Crippled

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