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The following is a list of Passive Skills in Outward.

For active skills, see Active Skills.


Passive skills provide passive effects, usually related to the player's stats, though they can also have other unique effects.

  • You can have up to a maximum of 3 breakthrough passive skills.
  • Faction-exclusive passives are granted through quests within factions. Joining a faction will exclude you from passives exclusive to other factions.
  • Tier 3 passives require the breakthrough unlocked on that tree before they can be unlocked themselves.

List of Passives

Tier 1

Acrobatics.pngAcrobaticsUnhampered Dodge Rolls have increased range. Stamina cost of Dodge Rolls increased by 50%13 Conqueror’s MedalJustin Garnet, Specialist Trainer
Armor Training.pngArmor TrainingDecreases the stamina and movement penalties from wearing armor by 50%.1100 SilverIcon.gifJaimon
Brains.pngBrainsIncreases Elemental Damage by 15%, but lowers physical damage by 25% and increases Stamina costs by 15%13 Conqueror’s MedalJustin Garnet, Specialist Trainer
Brawns.pngBrawnsIncrease Physical Damage by 25% and increase max stamina by 25, but lowers elemental damage by 40%.13 Conqueror’s MedalJustin Garnet, Specialist Trainer
Cruelty.pngCrueltyIncrease damage of your Burning, Poison, Extreme poison by 50% and increase the damage of Bleeding, Extreme Bleeding, Blaze, Holy Blaze and Plague by 30%. Lower status resistances by 50% and Physical resistance by 10%.13 Conqueror’s MedalJustin Garnet, Specialist Trainer
Efficiency.pngEfficiencyMaximum Stamina increased by 25.150 SilverIcon.gifSerge Battleborn
Elatt's Intervention.pngElatt's InterventionIncreases Barrier by 2 and Protection by 51Paul, Disciple
Fast Maintenance.pngFast MaintenanceYou repair your equipment 50% faster when you allocate time to Repairing in the rest menu.150 SilverIcon.gifJaimon
Fitness.pngFitnessIncreases your maximum Health by 25 and the amount of Health you restore while sleeping by 20%150 SilverIcon.gifEto Akiyuki
Hunter's Eye.pngHunter's EyeYou can lock on enemies at longer distances when using a bow.150 SilverIcon.gifTure
Kirouac's Breakthrough.pngKirouac's BreakthroughIncreases max Health by 25 and Physical damage by 15%.1Yan, Levantine Alchemist
Metabolic Purge.pngMetabolic PurgePassive skill that increases Corruption Corruption resistance by 10%.1100 SilverIcon.gifSerge Battleborn
Miasmic Tolerance.pngMiasmic ToleranceIncrease Status Effect resistance by 15% when well rested.150 SilverIcon.gifSinai, the Primal Ritualist
Nightmares.pngNightmaresReduces Max Mana burn from sleeping by 25%, reduces Max Stamina burn recovery by 25%1100 SilverIcon.gifElla Lockwell
Patience.pngPatienceIncrease damage from Weapon Skills by 30% but lower the damage from normal and special attacks by 20%13 Conqueror’s MedalJustin Garnet, Specialist Trainer
Pressure Plate Training.pngPressure Plate TrainingEnable you to deploy complex Pressure Plate Traps.
These traps are primarily armed with charges, which shoot poison, fire and more.
150 SilverIcon.gifStyx
Slow Metabolism.pngSlow MetabolismIt takes more time for you to become hungry, thirsty and sleepy.150 SilverIcon.gifGalira
Steady Arm.pngSteady ArmIncreases Impact Resistance by 10 while your are blocking.150 SilverIcon.gifEto Akiyuki
Unsealed.pngUnsealedSpeed up Sigil placement skills and extend the duration of Sigils by 20 seconds. Lower max life by 25.13 Conqueror’s MedalJustin Garnet, Specialist Trainer
Weather Tolerance.pngWeather ToleranceIncreases your Hot and Cold Weather Defense by 8.
Increases your Decay Resistance by 5.
1100 SilverIcon.gifAdalbert the Hermit

Tier 2

Tier 2 passives are BreakthroughIcon.png breakthrough skills.

Bloodlust.pngBloodlustFor every death around the caster, recover 5 max Health, Stamina and Mana burn.21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifElla Lockwell
Daredevil.pngDaredevilReduce all skill Cooldowns by 10% per Alertness level.21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifSerge Battleborn
Feather Dodge.pngFeather DodgeLowers the Stamina cost of dodging by 50% and allows you to dodge unimpeded even when wearing a backpack.21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifStyx
Leyline Connection.pngLeyline ConnectionYou regain 0.34 mana per second.
This is a constant effect
21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifAlemmon
Sacred Fumes.pngSacred FumesIncreases Barrier by 7.21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifSinai, the Primal Ritualist
Shamanic Resonance.pngShamanic ResonanceThe effects of boons on you are increased.
For example, a boon that increases your Fire Resistance by 20 would increase it by 30 instead.
21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifAdalbert the Hermit
Spellblade's Awakening.pngSpellblade's AwakeningIncreases your maximum Health, Stamina and Mana by 15 each21BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifEto Akiyuki
Steadfast Ascetic.pngSteadfast AsceticIncreases your maximum Stamina by 40.21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifGalira
Survivor's Resilience.pngSurvivor's ResilienceIncreases your maximum health by 40.21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifTure
Swift Foot.pngSwift FootYour movement speed is increased by 10%21 BreakthroughIcon.png 500 SilverIcon.gifJaimon
Well of Mana.pngWell of ManaIncreases your maximum Mana by 40.21 BreakthroughIcon.png, 500 SilverIcon.gifFlase

Tier 3

Anticipation.pngAnticipationIncreases physical protection stat by 2 per Alertness level.3600 SilverIcon.gifSerge Battleborn
Arcane Syntax.pngArcane SyntaxGain access to more advanced runic combos.3600 SilverIcon.gifFlase
Battle Rhythm.pngBattle RhythmYour deployed Sky Chimes increase Barrier by 5 and Ghost Drums increase Protection by 5 when within 8 meters. This bonus also applies to your allies.3600 SilverIcon.gifSinai, the Primal Ritualist
Blitz.pngBlitzIncreases Sprinting speed by 5% and running attack damage by 10% per Alertness level.3600 SilverIcon.gifSerge Battleborn
Fire Affinity.pngFire AffinityIncrease your resistance to Fire by 20% and the Fire damage you inflict is increased by 15%.3600 SilverIcon.gifAlemmon
Harmony and Melody.pngHarmony and MelodyAllows you to have both a Sky Chimes totem and a Ghost Drums totem active in close proximity of each other at the same time.3600 SilverIcon.gifSinai, the Primal Ritualist
Internalized Lexicon.pngInternalized LexiconRemoves the need to have an equipped Lexicon in your off-hand to cast runic spells.3600 SilverIcon.gifFlase, Sage Trainer
Lockwell's Revelation.pngLockwell's RevelationIncreases Elemental Damage by 15% when Tired, and 30% when Very Tired.3600 SilverIcon.gifElla Lockwell
Marathoner.pngMarathonerSprinting consumes 40% less stamina.3600 SilverIcon.gifJaimon
Master of Motion.pngMaster of MotionWhile under the effect of the Discipline boon, Impact Resistance and all damage resistances are increased by 10.3600 SilverIcon.gifGalira
Pressureplateexpertiseicon.pngPressure Plate ExpertiseIncreases the power of your Pressure Plate Traps.
Allows reuse of Pressure Plates after they have been triggered, though they must be re-armed with another charge or compatible item.
3600 SilverIcon.gifStyx
Runic Prefix.pngRunic PrefixAll runic spells are more powerful or have added effects3600 SilverIcon.gifFlase, Sage Trainer
Stealth Training.pngStealth TrainingEnemies will have a harder time spotting you.
Sprinting and having a light source will still easily alert them, though
3600 SilverIcon.gifStyx


See also: Quests

Acceptance.pngAcceptanceIncreases your Cold and Hot Weather Defense by 8.Questn/aTruth and Purpose
Alchemical Experiment.pngAlchemical ExperimentIncreases all Damage you deal by 15%.Questn/aMouths to Feed
Ancestors' Memories.pngAncestors' MemoriesIncreases your Maximum Mana by 25Questn/aWhispering Bones
BloodOfGiants.pngBlood of GiantsIncreases your maximum Health by 40.Questn/aAsh Giants
Divine Assistance.pngDivine AssistanceReduces the Stamina and Mana costs of your actions by 10%.Questn/aDoubts and Secrets
Exalted.pngExaltedDouble all the Damage you deal. Reduce the Stamina and Mana costs of your actions by 30%. Increase all Damage Resistances by 10.
You are inflicted with the incurable Life Drain Sickness.
Questn/aHallowed Peacemaker
Logistics Expert.pngLogistics ExpertReduce all skill Cooldowns by 10%, increase movement speed by 5% and increase pouch capacity by 5.Questn/aCloak and Dagger
Sacrifice.pngPainful SacrificeDecreases your maximum Stamina by 15.Questn/aQuestions and Corruption
Peacemaker Elixir Skill.pngPeacemaker ElixirIncreases your maximum Health, Stamina and Mana by 20.Questn/aSuccess in Faction quest-line
Preferential Treatment.pngPreferential TreatmentLower buying prices and increase selling prices.Questn/aPurifier
Purified.pngPurifiedDecay Resistance +20%Questn/aQuestions and Corruption
Sacrifice.pngSacrificeDecreases your maximum Stamina by 7.Questn/aQuestions and Corruption
Divine Assistance.pngSanctified AssistanceReduces the Stamina and Mana costs of your actions by 5%.Questn/aDoubts and Secrets
Sanctified Protection.pngSanctified ProtectionIncreases your Physical Protection by 2.Questn/aTruth and Purpose
Spiritual Communion.pngSpiritual CommunionIncreases your Ethereal, Lightning and Decay damage by 10%.Questn/aDoubts and Secrets

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