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This page is an official policy on Outward Wiki.

The Outward wiki policy is based heavily on Wikipedia policy, Wowpedia Policies and the YPPedia Policies and guidelines.

This policy is considered a standard to be followed by all users.

  • You are free to suggest an adjustment to this policy. Make sure, however, that your proposal meets the requirements set here.
  • Check the Policies page for a complete overview of all the policies for the Outward Wiki.

These are the phases the policy proposals will go through before a proposal is either accepted (and with that implemented) or rejected.

Policy phases

Policy proposals will have clear indication of the status, displaying whether the policy is a proposal, accepted or rejected. Acceptance or rejection will be determined through the following phases:

  1. Proposal posted
  2. Discussion
  3. Vote
  4. Acceptance/Rejection
  5. Implementation
  6. Decreed policies

Proposal posted

The proposal has to meet the requirements as stated here. If a proposal doesn't meet the requirements, the user who posted the proposal will have 1 week (7 days) to complete the proposal. If the proposal isn't completed in that time window, it will be deleted.

To write a New Policy Proposal, just enter the policy title in the box below and click create.


When a policy is complete, the community has 1 week (7 days) to discuss the proposal before voting on it. During this time possible questions can be answered, the proposal can be adjusted where necessary.


Once the discussion is finished, voting can commence. Voting will conclude with the following in mind:

  • Majority wins
  • Winning side (yes or no) must have at least 5 votes.


A proposal will be accepted under the following conditions:

  • Ratio Yes to No is at least 3 to 1 with a minimum of 5 yes votes, i.e. 5:1, 6:2, 9:3
  • Proposal hasn't been outdated in the process by new implementations in the wiki.
  • The Yes side has to have the winning ratio with minimum votes for at least 1 weak (7 days)

A proposal will be rejected in the following cases:

  • Ratio No to Yes is at least 3 to 1 with a minimum of 5 No votes.
  • Proposal is against Outward's ToS (This means an automatic rejection)
  • Proposal has been outdated by the implementation of another policy.
  • The No side has the ratio and minimum votes for at least 1 weak (7 days)


The adjustment or new policy will be announced by an administrator on the mainpage of the wiki for 1 week after the votes have been concluded before it takes effect. The adjustment or new policy will be implemented by an administrator.

Decreed policies

There will be times when the administrators will feel the need to implement a policy without consulting the community about this. This policy will always be announced on the mainpage for 1 week before it takes effect.

Nine Dots Studio influence

Since this is the official wiki, official acknowledged Nine Dots Studio employees have the power to veto an adjustment or a new policy at any moment in the approval process up to and including implementation of the policy(-adjustment). They also have the right to decree a policy without consulting the community about it.