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This page is an official policy on Outward Wiki.

The Outward wiki policy is based heavily on Wikipedia policy, Wowpedia Policies and the YPPedia Policies and guidelines.

This policy is considered a standard to be followed by all users.

  • You are free to suggest an adjustment to this policy. Make sure, however, that your proposal meets the requirements set here.
  • Check the Policies page for a complete overview of all the policies for the Outward Wiki.

The goal of a wiki is to be informative and not to allow self promotion or free advertisement. This policy outlines what is allowed, not allowed, and required when a user creates a page for a player character.

Posting a page including info about a player character in an objective manner is fine, but we don't wish to encourage wikisquatters starting hundreds of player character pages on a site meant to be mostly informative.


All player character pages will be required to follow these specifications.


The player character page should always be located under the server page (or the author's user page) on which the character is located using that characters name as it is spelled on the server. For example, [[Server:Mal'Ganis US/Johnsmith]] or [[User:Somewowfan/Stumblebum]].


All player character pages must contain:

  • The {{PC|<name=>|<realm=>|<loc=>|<wpuser=>}} banner tag at the top of the page.
  • The race and class of the player character.
  • The faction the player character is in.
  • At least three (3) sentences in English containing useful information about the player character,, e.g., known recipes, history (RP or otherwise) of the player character, why the character was created, why the character joined or left various guilds, style of play, etc. After these sentences, the main article may be in another language if the intended audience is non-English.


The player character page should also be properly categorized:

  • [[Category:Player characters]] - Automatically added by {{PC}} banner tag.
  • [[Category:Server:Mal'Ganis US]] - Automatically added by {{PC}} banner tag, if you use the parameters realm=<realm_name> and loc=<US_or_Europe> like in {{PC|<realm>|<loc>}}.

Not allowed

Posting the following types of information will result in your player character page being edited or deleted:

  • Biased information - The content on a Wiki is meant to be informative; this includes player character pages. Player character pages, like all others, should be written from a neutral point of view and must follow the Neutral Point of View Policy.
  • In general terms: don't put any material on the page that requires it to be updated frequently, or is only meant for the player.


The information here is allowed and encouraged in order to create an informative player character page:

  • A screenshot of the player character.
  • The guild the player character is in.
  • The realm/server the player character is on.
  • Talent spec of the player character and planned changes.
  • Short stories or history of your player character.
  • Armory and website links.

This is not necessarily a complete list. We do not mind you publishing other information that is useful or interesting to others, but it illustrates the gist of it. Pages in Outward Wiki are there for the visitors!

Enforcing the policy

  • A page containing disallowed content can be edited to comply, or you can mark it with {{Violation/PC}}, which places it in Category:Pages with possible policy violations for someone else to fix.
  • Users that insist on having information on their player-character page that is not allowed, and revert improvements others make, will be considered Vandals.


Please remember that Outward Wiki is a place where users go to obtain information about Outward, not get spammed with useless information. Player characters are certainly a large part of Outward and can be represented here, but they must follow the proper criteria and not participate in spewing useless, biased information or wikisquatting. Your target audience is not yourself; it is people interested in Outward. Your player character page should reflect this!

Create a new character page

Create a new player character page
  • Type in the page name you want inputbox below.
  • Gnome-emblem-important.svg Follow Outward Wiki:Player_character_page_policy policy when naming your article. Options are Server:Your Server US/Character and User:Your user/Character.

If you have questions, leave a comment on the Forums or ask in the IRC channel.

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