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This page is an official policy on Outward Wiki.

The Outward wiki policy is based heavily on Wikipedia policy, Wowpedia Policies and the YPPedia Policies and guidelines.

This policy is considered a standard to be followed by all users.

  • You are free to suggest an adjustment to this policy. Make sure, however, that your proposal meets the requirements set here.
  • Check the Policies page for a complete overview of all the policies for the Outward Wiki.

Outward Wiki has a strong commitment to remain within the appropriate legal boundaries for an official Nine Dots Studio wiki. This means that contributors of Outward Wiki are not allowed to add information or pictures to the encyclopedia which Nine Dots Studio would like to keep private. Particularly, when a game is in alpha production a non-disclosure agreement (abbreviated to NDA) is enforced that all participating which obliges all participating users to abide by strict rules.

Any content obtained from any Nine Dots Studio software under an NDA is unreleased material as discussed in the DNP policy, and action may be taken against accounts which persist in posting such information. Please bear in mind that datamined content obtained by individuals who have not agreed to the NDA is also covered by this policy and will be treated the same way.