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The following is a transcript of Oliele Aberdeen's dialogue.

General Dialogue[]

Call to Adventure[]

I'm glad you survived the wreck, [PlayerName]. And I'm sorry about your losses. I know how much you were counting on this expedition.

[Player]: That glowing sword is new. When did you get it?

Rufus commissioned it for me as a going away present. I was going to leave this morning to go join the Holy Mission of Elatt before Mother could stop me.

But with the shipwreck... It wouldn't be right to leave. I have to stay with the tribe until the mourning period is over.

[Player]: I can't imagine your mother will let you go without another lecture.

I know. Rissa already promised that the second she isn't drowning in important matters, she and I will be having a long talk.

[Player]: I hope she convinces you. I'll miss you if you leave.

I know. I'll miss you and Yzan too. But this is the path I choose to walk. I'm done letting Rissa decide my life. I want to be part of the greater good, not rule over people.

You should just go now. You're abandoning your name and home anyway. Forget staying for the mourning period.

I would, but... Cierzo's still my home. I can't just leave when it's in such pain. As soon as the mourning period is over, though, I'm leaving. No matter what Mother says. I have delayed for too long already.

[Player]: You have no idea... I don't know how I'm going to gather the money Rissa is demanding from me.

I have faith in you, [PlayerName]. You'll pull through. If you can survive such a lethal shipwreck, I'm certain you can make your next Blood Price Payment.

Go, now. We both have work to do, for Cierzo's sake.

Nice to see you, [PlayerName]. You have nothing to fear while I'm around, my friend.

~ Oliele Aberdeen

Looking to the Future[]

I guess this is goodbye, [PlayerName]. I'm leaving this place to join the Holy Mission and I'm not looking back.

[Player]: Cierzo will miss you, Oliele.

I'll miss it too. But I can't come back. Not after what Mother and I discussed.

[Player]: Did something happen? You're scowling.

Mother and I had a talk. I didn't like any of what I heard.

Rissa has... done some things I can't agree with. I can't talk about it. She wants me to follow in her footsteps and I... I just can't. I already have no desire to be Chamberlady. And what she told me... I refuse to consider being part of it.

It's unlikely we'll meet again, [PlayerName]. Unless, of course, you want to join me. Having someone I trust by my side would make me a lot less nervous.

[Player]: I'll think about it.

I'm glad. I'd be happy to have you with me.

[Player]: And spend my life serving Elatt? No thank you.

Is spending your life under Rissa's thumb any better? At least with the Holy Mission, you'd be working for the good of all Aurai. We'd get to go to far off places, face the Scourge, help people. It'd be an adventure!

In fact... if you join the Holy Mission and give up your bloodline, you'd be free from ever making payments on your Blood Price as well. It's the ideal clean slate.

If you do want to join us, meet me in Monsoon, in the Hallowed Marsh. The road you need to take to reach the marsh is in the east of the Chersonese.

Once you reach the marsh, follow the Pilgrim Road, the trail of Sun-Pillars towards the ray of light that flies over Monsoon.

Listen, I have to head off before Mother tries to convince me again. In case we don't see each other again... It was nice knowing you.

~ Oliele Aberdeen