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News | March 15th 2021

Hello adventurers.

The new patch is here, bringing the following improvements to Aurai!


  • Building Visuals are now pooled in the scene instead of being instantiated on runtime


  • Legacy Calygrey weapons now have their intended stats.
  • Fixed General Store Warp upgrade (now actually takes your money) - Also fixed the DLC condition (it asked for DLC2 instead of DLC1 for warp to Harmattan)
  • Fix Pillar detection Deadzone between cardinal points which could result in an Enchanting Guild enchantment table not working as well as Enchanting attempt on regular table on certain pillar placement.
  • Fixed an exploit that let you get as many Tsar Bows and Chackrams as you wanted by cancelling the conversation.
  • Fixed the Militia Dagger not upgrading to Vigilante Dagger when Legacied
  • Fixed Supreme Shell drop table.
  • Hampered on AIs set their speed to 0 instead of in the negative.
  • Fix issue where too many toches in a container would interfere with that container interaction detection
  • Trying to gather water from the Water Purifier facility in Cierzo without a waterskin will now display a notification properly
  • Berg Food Shop has a chance to sell Bouillon du Prédateur recipe.
  • Monsoon Food Shop has a chance to sell Savage Stew recipe.
  • Fix various TTB weapons that would not transform properly to their legacy version.
  • Fix various Tags on items.
  • Fix infinite loading when loading New Sirocco in online coop.
  • Alchemy set in Alchemist building should now be properly interactable by the client
  • Cooking station in the Inn should now be properly interactable by the client.
  • Fix Enchanting Table and Pillar not visible in the Enchanting building.


  • Murmure now reduces physical resistance by 15%.
  • Kazite Weapons can now be decrafted.
  • Militia and Vigilante shields no longer inflict Sapped
  • Gold Lich shield now applies Doomed

Let us know how your adventure is going!

~ Koch Media [1]


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