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Movement Speed Movement is an attribute and mechanic in Outward.


The more movement speed bonus a player has, the faster they move. Negative bonuses result in the player moving more slowly.

Other than the Move Speed attribute, the character's movement speed can be affected by:

  • Sprinting increases player movement speed by 75%
  • Crouching reduces movement speed by -42.5%, or -25% if Stealth Training is learned.
  • Blocking and sliding down slopes reduces movement speed by -40%.
  • Carrying too much Weight, or wearing Equipment with negative movement speed attributes will reduce player speed.
  • Unsheathing your Weapon will slow movement speed by -12.5% unless crouching, this is a hidden effect which is not visible on the stats screen.

At -100% movement speed, the character will be completely immobilized, unable to even dodge. However, even the tiniest amount of movement speed above -100% will allow the character to dodge and perform actions freely, allowing one to roll back to a city with enormous amounts of loot.

Stat Sources[]


Bag OverweightFlatVariesSee article for details
CrippledFlat-50%10 seconds
Hampered The Three BrothersFlat-1000%6 secondsPrevents dodging as well.
Kill Streak The Three BrothersFlat10%3 minutes
Mild Petrification The Three BrothersFlat-20%
Needs: ColdFlat-15%
Pouch OverweightFlatVariespermamentSee article for details
Slow DownFlat-25%90 seconds
Speed UpFlat15%4 minutes


Armor TrainingFlat50%Reduces negative movement speed on armor by 50%.
Blitz The SoroboreansFlat5% per Alert levelOnly affects Sprinting speed.
Logistics Expert The SoroboreansFlat5%
Stealth TrainingFlat30%Only applies when crouching.
Swift FootFlat10%


Chaos and Creativity The SoroboreansFlat10%
Flux The SoroboreansFlat3%
Guidance of Wind The SoroboreansFlat14%
Inheritance of the Past The Three BrothersFlat3%
Order of Discipline The SoroboreansFlat10%
Speed and Efficiency The SoroboreansFlat7%
Stabilizing Forces The SoroboreansFlat3%When applied to chest slot items


Show/Hide table
IconNameResistancesImpact.pngProtectionBarrierDamage Bonus%HotWeather.pngCold WeatherStamina CostMana CostMovementPouch BonusDurabilityWeight
Barrier Armor.pngBarrier Armor The Three Brothers15% Physical
13% Impact.pngBarrierHotWeather.png10% Movement6004.0
Barrier Boots.pngBarrier Boots The Three Brothers8% Physical
9% Impact.pngBarrierHotWeather.png5% Movement6002.0
Barrier Helm.pngBarrier Helm The Three Brothers8% Physical
9% Impact.pngBarrierHotWeather.png5% Movement6001.0
Black Pearlbird Mask.pngBlack Pearlbird Mask6% Physical
6% Impact.png17% Movement1002.0
Caged Armor Boots.pngCaged Armor Boots The Soroboreans20% Physical
5% Ethereal
5% Decay
13% Impact.pngProtection5% Stamina Cost10% Movement42512.0
Caged Armor Chestplate.pngCaged Armor Chestplate The Soroboreans28% Physical
10% Ethereal
10% Decay
23% Impact.pngProtection8% Stamina Cost5% Movement42518.0
Caged Armor Helm.pngCaged Armor Helm The Soroboreans20% Physical
5% Ethereal
5% Decay
13% Impact.pngProtection5% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost5% Movement4258.0
Desert Boots.pngDesert Boots7% Physical
5% Impact.png10 HotWeather.png10% Movement1802.0
Entomber Armor.pngEntomber Armor21% Physical
30% Decay
30% Lightning
14% Impact.png16 HotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost5% Movement2457.0
Entomber Boots.pngEntomber Boots12% Physical
15% Decay
15% Lightning
10% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost5% Movement2453.0
Entomber Hat.pngEntomber Hat12% Physical
15% Decay
15% Lightning
10% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost5% Movement2452.0
Jewel Bird Mask.pngJewel Bird Mask10% Physical
10% Impact.png19% Movement1003.0
Manawall Armor.pngManawall Armor The Three Brothers15% Physical
13% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier10% Ethereal
HotWeather.png10% Movement6004.0
Manawall Boots.pngManawall Boots The Three Brothers8% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier10% Ethereal
HotWeather.png5% Movement6002.0
Manawall Helm.pngManawall Helm The Three Brothers8% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier10% Ethereal
HotWeather.png5% Movement6001.0
Master Desert Boots.pngMaster Desert Boots14% Physical
11% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.png-3% Stamina Cost5% Movement3005.0
Master Desert Tunic.pngMaster Desert Tunic22% Physical
17% Impact.pngProtection16 HotWeather.png-7% Stamina Cost5% Movement4208.0
Master Desert Veil.pngMaster Desert Veil14% Physical
11% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.png-3% Stamina Cost-15% Mana Cost5% Movement3002.0
Master Trader Boots.pngMaster Trader Boots7% Physical
6% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather-5% Stamina Cost15% Movement22451.0
Master Trader Garb.pngMaster Trader Garb13% Physical
7% Impact.png10 HotWeather.png10 Cold Weather-10% Stamina Cost5% Movement82453.0
Master Trader Hat.pngMaster Trader Hat7% Physical
4% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather-15% Stamina Cost5% Movement22451.0
Noble Clothes.pngNoble Clothes The Three Brothers9% Physical
20% Ethereal
20% Decay
10% Fire
5% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-10% Mana Cost5% Movement2504.0
Noble Shoes.pngNoble Shoes The Three Brothers4% Physical
10% Ethereal
10% Decay
20% Fire
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Mana Cost10% Movement2502.0
Pearlbird Mask.pngPearlbird Mask2% Physical
2% Impact.png15% Movement1001.0
Squire Attire.pngSquire Attire18% Physical
15% Ethereal
12% Impact.png-15% Stamina Cost5% Movement4708.0
Squire Boots.pngSquire Boots9% Physical
15% Frost
15% Fire
12% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather-15% Stamina Cost5% Movement4705.0
Squire Headband.pngSquire Headband13% Physical
15% Decay
15% Lightning
11% Impact.png-15% Stamina Cost5% Movement4703.0
White Wide Hat.pngWhite Wide Hat8% Physical
6% Impact.png10% Lightning
10% Fire
10 HotWeather.png-20% Mana Cost5% Movement3101.0
Wide Black Hat.pngWide Black Hat8% Physical
6% Impact.png10% Fire
10 HotWeather.png-20% Mana Cost5% Movement2301.0


  • A niche use for movement speed bonus is when the player has far too much Weight and they are unable to move. With movement speed bonus, the player can carry far more items before reaching this limit, up to 1184 "kg" has been reached with the player still being able to move (at 80% bonus).

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