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Movement Speed Movement is an attribute in Outward. The more movement speed bonus a player has, the faster they move. Negative bonuses result in the player moving more slowly.

Increasing Movement Speed[]

The Soroboreans DLC Sources:

Decreasing Movement Speed[]

A character's movement speed can be reduced by:

  • Carrying too much Weight, or wearing Equipment with negative movement speed attributes.
  • The player will begin to slow down when their total Weight (including worn equipment) reaches 30kg. This is a separate effect to Pouch Overweight or Bag Overweight.
  • The status effects Slow Down and Crippled will also lower the inflicted character's movement speed.
  • Unsheathing your Weapon will slow movement speed slightly (about 10%), this is a hidden effect which is not visible on the stats screen.

At -100% movement speed, the character will be completely immobilized, unable to even dodge. However, even the tiniest amount of movement speed above -100% will allow the character to dodge and perform actions freely, allowing one to roll back to a city with enormous amounts of loot.


A niche use for movement speed bonus is when the player has far too much Weight and they are unable to move. With movement speed bonus, the player can carry far more items before reaching this limit, up to 1184 "kg" has been reached with the player still being able to move (at 80% bonus).

The maximum attainable movement speed bonus from equipment is 44% using the following equipment:

For more information on equipment that affects movement speed see Movement Speed Equipment.

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