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Mouths to Feed
Quest Giver
Queen Calixa
Heroic Kingdom
Quest Type
Main Quest
Previous Quest
Sand Corsairs
Next Quest
Heroic Peacemaker

Mouths to Feed is the third faction quest for The Heroic Kingdom of Levant in Outward, and sixth in the series of main quests.


This quest has a timer of between 25 and 35 days, depending on whether or not you chose to help the Slums during Sand Corsairs (35 if you did, 25 if you chose "a favor we can call whenever we need it").

If you do not solve the matters of this quest (ie. pay the Caravanner to deliver the Marshmelons) in the time frame, you will not obtain Alchemical Experiment, and several NPCs in the Slums will die including:

Quest Summary[]

Following the events of Sand Corsairs, Calixa informs us that Sirocco is no longer able to supply the region with food, and that the Holy Mission has stepped in to help, though it is not enough. The food they are able to send is very limited, due to the extreme heat of the desert. She will ask you to assist Kirouac in finding a solution in Monsoon, by speaking to the alchemist Laine.



The player talks to Calixa in Levant's palace.

Talk to Calixa, in Levant's Palace.

When you speak to Calixa, if you have not yet completed Blood Under The Sun she will suggest investigating these matters first.

  • You can choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2 to forfeit the quest and begin Mouths to Feed.
  • If you have not yet started the investigation, it will not be possible to begin Blood Under The Sun at this point.

Calixa asks us to assist Kirouac in Monsoon, by seeking the help of Laine, the city's alchemist.


Go to the city of Monsoon, using a small boat in the northern docks of the Hallowed Marsh.
Talk with Monsoon's alchemist, Laine Aberforth.


Head to Monsoon by first traveling to Enmerkar Forest, then north into Hallowed Marsh. You can then either go through Ziggurat Passage, fall off into the swamp and get a defeat scenario then travel to Monsoon, or simply run across the swamp water to safety if you have enough Life Potions or decay resistance.

The player talks to Laine in Monsoon.

Bring Monsoon's alchemist 5 raw Marshmelons and 1 Phytosaur Horn.
Return to the alchemist in half a day.

In Monsoon, speak to Laine a short distance ahead. Tell him you are here about the food supply in Levant, and he will task you with acquiring 5 Marshmelon and 1 Phytosaur Horn.

  • Click here for a map showing Marshmelon locations.

Give the items to Laine and wait 12 hours for the experiment to finish, then talk to him again.

  • The quest journal will not update after waiting 12 hours.

As a reward from Laine, you receive:

Talk to the Soroborean Caravanner in Monsoon.

Speak to the nearby Soroborean Caravanner

  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "I'd like to talk." and Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "I need to talk to you about ending the famine in Levant."

He will ask you to go fetch an Ornate Granite Tablet in Spire of Light, in the south-east of Hallowed Marsh.

Spire of Light[]

The Ornate Granite Tablet, or "Rosetta Stone".

Bring an ancient tablet to the Soroborean Caravanner.
The artifact is inside the Spire, in the Marsh's south-east.

If you have not yet already, head to the Spire of Light in the south-east of the Marsh. This dungeon contains several Golden Minions, and a few Golden Specters, so take caution.

The Ornate Granite Tablet can be found on the second-highest level of the dungeon, one below the Light Mender boss. You will need to pull all 4 of the barrier levers in the main area to deactivate the barrier around the Ornate Granite Tablet.

It is not required to fight the Light Mender on the top level to pull the final lever, simply escape the dialogue and keep going forward, then head back down one level and claim the tablet.

  • In some cases, you may experience a bug where the barrier does not disappear after activating all levers. Sleep or re-enter the scene to fix it.
  • Pulling the barrier levers will also trigger the quest Strange Apparitions.

With the Ornate Granite Tablet acquired, make your way back to Monsoon.

Pay 300 silver to the Soroborean Caravanner.

Speak to the Caravanner, and he will request 300 SilverIcon.gif silver to cover the remaining costs with getting the Marshmelons through the desert.

  • If you asked Clayton for a "favor we can call whenever we need it", you will not need to pay this fee.

Finishing Up[]

Report to Queen Calixa, in the Palace in Levant, in Abrassar Desert.

Return to Queen Calixa in Levant for your rewards.




The following NPCs will die in the Slums:

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