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Montcalm Clan Fort
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Bandit Camp
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Montcalm Clan Fort is a marked location in northern Chersonese (marked as northern "Bandit Camp"). It is the home of The Montcalm Tribe, a minor faction within the Blue Chamber Collective that is hostile towards Cierzo (and by extension, the player).

The Montcalm Chamberlord, Rastarte, is only found in the camp during a specific faction quest for the Blue Chamber Collective.



  • 1x Chest
  • 3x Junk Pile
  • 1x Ornate Chest (requires Montcalm Key)
  • 2x Black Chests in the north-eastern area will be interactable, but empty. If the player is defeated and imprisoned by the Montcalm bandits, this is where their pocket inventory and any equipped items will be stored. Player backpack(s) will also be found near these chests.

Power Coil Door[]

In a building in the north-west of the camp, there is a door which is locked and requires 2 Power Coil to open. Inside, you can find:

Defeat Scenario[]

If defeated near the Montcalm camp, the player may awaken in the camp and find themselves without their items or backpack. The player's items will be located in a nearby black Chest, however some silver and other valuable items may be confiscated.

Quest Involvement[]

This is one of the locations visited by the player during the Blue Chamber Collective's quest Ancestral Peacemaker. If the player enters the fort during this quest the enemies will not be hostile. Rastarte, the Montcalm Tribe Chamberlord, will be seated on the throne in the tower room. When the player talks with Rastarte, he will state that the only reason they are not attacking the player is due to a truce.

Defeat Scenarios[]

ScenarioTime ProgressionRespawn Locations
Imprisoned by the Montcalm Tribe6-12 hoursMontcalm Clan Fort
Mistaken for dead by Montcalm Tribe6-12 hoursChersonese
Saved by Gep23-73 hoursChersonese, Hallowed Marsh, Abrassar, Enmerkar Forest, Antique Plateau or Caldera


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