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Mixed Legacies
Quest Giver
Rissa Aberdeen
Blue Chamber
Quest Type
Main Quest
Previous Quest
Looking to the Future
Next Quest
Ash Giants

Mixed Legacies is the first faction quest for The Blue Chamber Collective in Outward, and the fourth in the series of main quests.

Quest Summary[]

After successfully being adopted into the Aberdeen family and joining the collective, Rissa informs you that the other chamberlords are on their way to Berg for a council meeting. Two important issues are at stake, both of which could cause a major impact on relations between the Collective and the regions of Sirocco and Abrassar.

  1. Old Levant wants the Heroic Kingdom to cede control of the Abrassar region to them.
  2. Sirocco's residents are threatened by an imminent eruption from a local volcano; the current plan is that they would immigrate to the Hallowed Marsh, but these efforts have caused tensions between Sirocco and the Holy Mission faction.


The Blue Chamber Meeting[]

The Blue Chamber council meeting

Talk to Rissa, in the city of Berg, in the Enmerkar Forest.
Go to the Blue Chamber in Berg, then talk to Rissa.

If you have not yet talked to Rissa about Cierzo she will suggest that you visit your old home, which is a hint for Vendavel Quest. If you do not finish this quest within 20 days of joining a faction, Cierzo will be destroyed and become inaccessible.

After waiting 3 days and speaking to Rissa, you are informed that delegates from all regions have assembled at the Blue Chamber building, atop the hill in Berg. Rissa asks that you meet them inside.

Tip: speak to Roland Argenson beside where Gabriella Sullivan was standing, near the northeastern exit, before you leave. The outcome of a future Blue Chamber quest may depend on bolstering Roland's morale before then.

Inside the Blue Chamber building, speak to any non-Blue Chamber character (Kirouac, Zephyrien, etc), then speak to Rissa again and choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "Yes. There's a lot of unhappy people here who might spark a firestorm.". Rissa will recommend checking the Inn, as the delegate from Sirocco has not arrived yet. Leave the Blue Chamber and walk until forward you hear an explosion.

Tip: players interested in completing the Heroic Kingdom Parallel Quest Blood Under The Sun may desire to save time by heading to the Inn first anyway, to start it before leaving Berg.

Attack on Berg[]

The player hears an explosion...

Go back to the Blue Chamber and eliminate the threat.

Note: once you hear the explosion, you can skip to the "Mercenary Captain" or "Burnt Outpost" section if you wish.

After hearing the explosion, turn around and head back into the Blue Chamber. Inside, you will see Gabriella Sullivan, Sagard Battleborn and an Armored Hyena fighting two Bandits. Either help take the Bandits down or simply wait until your allies inevitably defeat them.

Talk to Gabriella or Sagard and they will tell you that Rissa and Balthazar Berthelot were kidnapped and taken below into the Necropolis. Enter the Necropolis by heading down the stairs next to Gabriella and Sagard. Inside, you will find two aggressive Bandits, as well as a ladder which leads into Ancestor's Resting Place. It is not necessary to defeat the Bandits, you can simply interact with the ladder if you want, although the Bandits do drop some Steel Shields and other items if you would like to fight them.

When you are ready, interact with the ladder and enter Ancestor's Resting Place.

Ancestors Resting Place[]

The player finds Balthazar Berthelot's body

Find Balthazar and clues in the Ancestor's Resting Place, via the Necropolis under the Blue Chamber.

In the first room you find yourself in there are two aggressive Bandit Slaves, who can easily be ignored. There is a lever at the end of the room which opens up the metal door.

It gets very dark, so light a lantern or torch for the next section. Head to the left past some Assassin Bugs until you reach a sheer cliff. You can safely drop down into the water below, where you will find an aggressive Mana Mantis and various Bandits. All you need to do here is quickly read the note next to Balthazar to progress the quest. You will then need to find your way out either by heading back up towards the Bandit Slaves, or via the other exit which leads to the area north of Berg.

Mercenary Captain[]

[Optional] Kill the mercenary leader in the Enmerkar Forest, in the south of the region.

This section is optional, however it does have an impact on your 4th faction quest rewards, so you should make sure to complete it if you want full rewards from your final faction quest. There is a time limit of 7 days to defeat the Captain, after which he will disappear permanently.

The Mercenary Captain (or "Commander Mantis") is a Marsh Captain who can be found around the south-central area of the Forest. He can usually be found around the area between Burning Tree and the south-western Old Windmill marker.

Burnt Outpost[]

Rissa and Kirouac trapped in cells

Rescue Rissa from an outpost in the burnt forest in the south of Enmerkar.

Head to the Burnt Outpost in south-eastern Enmerkar Forest, south of the 'Huge Burning Tree' marker. Take caution as there are aggressive Burning Men and an Obsidian Elemental in the area. Head inside the large wooden building towards the back of the camp.

Inside you will find two aggressive Desert Bandits, as well as Rissa and Kirouac trapped in cells. You will need to defeat the two Bandits before you are able to speak to either of the NPCs. If you are defeated, you will always be placed outside the camp and have to try again, there is no timer for this section.

After defeating the two Bandits, speak to Rissa to free her. She will tell you to meet her back in Berg. You should also speak to Kirouac and free him, as you will be rewarded with 100 SilverIcon.gif silver for doing so.

Finishing Up[]

Head back to Rissa in Berg to complete the quest.

If you have not defeated the Mercenary Captain, you can choose to give up the search.

  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "I think we should give up on finding him. I've got no good leads..."


  • War is declared between the Heroic Kingdom and The Blue Chamber Collective.

From Rissa:

From Kirouac, if freed from the Burnt Outpost:

  • 100 SilverIcon.gif Silver


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