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Michel Aberdeen
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Michel Aberdeen is an NPC in Outward. He can be found on beaches south of Cierzo, which can be accessed easily through Cierzo Storage.

Quest Involvement[]

Michael was attacked by a Mantis Shrimp after the shipwreck that put the player on the Castaway quest. If he is not given Bandages or Life Potion soon after the quest has started, he will die.

When you give him a Bandage or Life potion, he will thank you for saving him and you will get a Writ of Tribal Favor which can be used to pay off your debt during Call to Adventure quest if given to Rissa Aberdeen. However, there are multiple quests where NPCs will invoke Tribal Favor or Silver if a player needs a favor from them, so keeping the item for later quests can be a good idea.


Michel Aberdeen is a member of the Aberdeen family.

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