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The Mercenary skill tree.

Mercenary skills are trained by Jaimon in Levant.

List of Skills[]

Tier 1: Universal Skills[]

The universal Mercenary skills can be acquired by anyone, without having to learn the class breakthrough skill.

Shatter Bullet.png
50 SilverIcon.gif  |  5s Cooldown

Required: Pistol, Iron Scraps
Load a bullet with high Impact which also inflicts Pain
Shooting it requires the use of the Fire/Reload skill.
Frost Bullet.png
100 SilverIcon.gif  |  5s Cooldown

Required: Pistol, Cool Boon
Load the pistol with a bullet that makes a short-distance blast which slows enemies. Removes your Cool boon.
Shooting it requires use of the Fire/Reload skill.
Fast Maintenance.png
50 SilverIcon.gif  |  Passive

You repair your equipment 50% faster when you allocate time to Repairing in the rest menu.
Armor Training.png
100 SilverIcon.gif  |  Passive

Decreases the stamina and movement penalties from wearing armor by 50%.

Tier 2: Breakthrough Skill[]

Learning this skill will let you learn more advanced Mercenary skills, but keep in mind that you can only specialize in three classes and your choice of specialization is permanent.

Swift Foot.png
1 BreakthroughIcon.png 500 SilverIcon.gif  |  Passive

Your movement speed is increased by 10%

Tier 3: Specialization Skills[]

More advanced skills for those that specialize as a Mercenary. The skills Shield Infusion and Blood Bullet are mutually exclusive - when you choose one, you can never learn the other.

600 SilverIcon.gif  |  Passive

Sprinting consumes 40% less stamina.
Shield Infusion.png
600 SilverIcon.gif  |  5 Stamina  60s Cooldown

Block an elemental attack. When you next block, an elemental explosion will burst from you.
Blood Bullet.png
600 SilverIcon.gif  |  12 Mana  30s Cooldown

Required: Pistol, Possessed Boon
Absorb the enemy's life into your pistol as a blood bullet, healing yourself.
Shooting it requires the use of the Fire/Reload skill.

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