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Master-Smith Tokuga
NPC Data
The Heroic Kingdom of Levant
Merchant (Equipment)

Master-Smith Tokuga is a blacksmith in Levant, city in Abrassar Desert.

Price Modifiers

Master-Smith Tokuga is affected by Levant's price modifiers. Items cost 1.75x as much to buy from this store, and will sell for 1.2x more.

If Blood Under The Sun is successfully completed, the buy modifier is restored to the normal 1.0x rate, however the 1.2x sell price will still be in effect.

Note: this does not affect Commissioned Items.

Commissioned Items[]

Result Ingredients Station
Master-Smith Tokuga

Master-Smith Tokuga

Master-Smith Tokuga

Master-Smith Tokuga

Master-Smith Tokuga

Master-Smith Tokuga


Guaranteed Stock

Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot (5-10)
Arrow.png Arrow (60)
Bullet.png Bullet (24)
Spikes – Iron.png Spikes – Iron (4)
Tripwire Trap.png Tripwire Trap (4)
Coralhorn Mask.png Coralhorn Mask (1)
Scarab Mask.png Scarab Mask (1)
Tuanosaur Mask.png Tuanosaur Mask (1)
Hound Mask.png Hound Mask (1)
Mining Pick.png Mining Pick (1)
Ash Armor.png Ash Armor (1)
Ash-Filter Mask.png Ash-Filter Mask (1)
Ash Boots.png Ash Boots (1)
Rondel Dagger.png Rondel Dagger (1)
Broad Dagger.png Broad Dagger (1)
Flintlock Pistol.png Flintlock Pistol (1)
Cannon Pistol.png Cannon Pistol (1)
Ornate Pistol.png Ornate Pistol (1)
Recurve Bow.png Recurve Bow (1)
War Bow.png War Bow (1)
Tower Shield.png Tower Shield (1)
Steel Shield.png Steel Shield (1)
Steel Sabre.png Steel Sabre (1)
Strongbox Backpack.png Strongbox Backpack (1)
Pathfinder Armor.png Pathfinder Armor (1)
Pathfinder Mask.png Pathfinder Mask (1)
Pathfinder Boots.png Pathfinder Boots (1)

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