Mana Troglodyte
Mana Troglodyte - TroglodyteMana.png
Enemy Data
Defensive Stats
200 Health.png
Impact Res.
10 Impact.png
Damage Resist
40%  Ethereal.png
40%  Decay.png
-40%  Lightning.png
Attack Stats
Weapon Damage
5.5 Phys.png 5.5 Ethereal.png
22 Impact.png
Found At
Blister Burrow
Blue Chamber's Conflux Path
Holy Mission's Conflux Path
Heroic Kingdom's Conflux Path
Jade Quarry
Reptilian Lair
Under Island

Mana Troglodyte is a type of Troglodyte enemy in Outward.


A variant of the Troglodyte which uses various magical attacks.


Sometimes, a Troglodyte will get curious (or hungry) enough to eat Mana Stones. If one does this enough times, it will turn into one of these. Mana Troglodytes tend to be smarter than their brethren, acting as shepherds of the motley crew of monsters in their warren. Innately attuned to the "flow" of Mana, they will use it to buff their allies, or blight trespassers with blasts of debilitating magic.

Mana Troglodytes tend to be respected by even the baddest trogs in the burrow, and are brought their dinner rather than having to hunt for it themselves. They use all that spare time carving statues to honor their goddess-queen, or performing profane rituals in her name.
~ Aegix Drakan (Writer, Nine Dots)

Combat & Tactics

Mana Troglodytes mostly make use of various spells to aid nearby Troglodytes. They can inflict the player with the Confusion and Pain statuses, heal nearby Troglodytes for 30 Health.png Health, and also grant them Discipline and Rage.

Drop Table

Guaranteed Weapons
Troglodyte Staff.png Troglodyte Staff (1)
Guaranteed Items
Mana Stone.png Mana Stone (1)
Drop Table 1
This drop table will be rolled 1 times.
Empty drop46.15%
Common Mushroom.png Common Mushroom (1)15.38%
Blood Mushroom.png Blood Mushroom (1)7.69%
Star Mushroom.png Star Mushroom (1)7.69%
Thick Oil.png Thick Oil (1)15.38%
Wood.png Wood (3)7.69%

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