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Mana Mana is one of three Vitals in Outward, represented by the blue circular bar in the bottom left corner of screen.

Obtaining Mana[]

Characters do not start the game with Mana. Mana can be obtained permanently on any characters through a Ley Line, such as the one at Conflux Chambers. A small quest is completed from obtaining mana, called Acquire Mana.


  • Obtaining Mana-related passives will not "activate" Mana. The passive will be gained as soon as Mana is unlocked.
  • The player can come back at any time and sacrifice more Health and Stamina for Mana if they wish, it is not a one-time sacrifice.

Recovering Mana[]

Mana does not regenerate automatically, it can be regained through various methods such as:

Burnt Mana[]

Sleeping will burn 5% of max mana per 1 hour of sleep, up to a maximum of 50% burnt mana.

Casting spells restores a small amount of burnt mana.

Consumables which restore burnt mana:

Increasing Maximum Mana[]

Other than by using the Leyline at Conflux Chambers, players can also increase their maximum mana with passive skills, such as:

Mana Cost Reduction[]

Mana cost reduction is an attribute found on equipment, or gained from skills and effects.

The Mana Cost Mana Cost Reduction stat is capped at 99%, and all spells will always cost at least 1 Mana Mana to cast.




See the Equipment list and the Weapons list for all gear with Mana Cost stats

Some popular mana-cost reducing Equipment includes:


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