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The Light Mender
Gold Lich - LichGold.png
NPC Data
Spire of Light
Berg Arena
The Light Mender
Gold Lich - LichGold.png
Enemy Data
Defensive Stats
1500 Health
Impact Res.
85 Impact.png
Damage Resist
40% Physical
-20% Decay
100% Lightning
20% Fire
Immune To
Attack Stats
Weapon Damage
15 Physical 30 Lightning
97 Impact.png
Found At
Spire of Light
Berg Arena

The Light Mender is a Unique Lich boss in Outward, found at the top of the Spire of Light in the Hallowed Marsh region, and also found in an Unknown Arena in Berg.


The Light Mender is an immortal Lich associated with the Lightning element who is undergoing an unknown "great work". He's responsible for creating all the Gold-Lich enemies found in the region around the Spire, as well as the creator of the Gold-Lich Mechanism.

Defeating the Light Mender rewards the player with:

See Beware the Gold Lich for a guide on making your way up the Spire and fighting the Lich.

Combat & Tactics[]

When you ascend to the boss room, the fight immediately starts, so make any preparations before teleporting up.

He mostly uses Lightning magic, and is highly resistant to Lightning damage. He also has very high movement speed, health, and stability. Bringing Lightning resistance equipment and potions is recommended. The Light Mender has a mild vulnerability to Decay Damage.

The Light Mender is not affected by Bleeding or Poison effects.


It's possible to run far enough away from him that he loses aggro, in which case you can set up multiple traps to try and lure him into it. Alternatively, you can wait for an opening and apply a damage over time effect, then run away (made easier by wearing equipment that increases movement speed such as the Pearlbird Mask and master trader set) Another strategy is to run around him and dodge his ranged attacks and hit him with your own ranged weapons or spells in between his attacks.


Light Mender has knowledge of several skills:

  • Throws a high-speed lightning staff, which deals 35 Lightning damage.
  • Slams his staff into the ground, dealing 15 Physical and 45 Lightning damage in a close-range explosion.
  • A volley of lightning projectiles, which deal 5 Physical and 35 Lightning damage.

Drop Table[]

Guaranteed Drops

Gold-Lich Mask.png Gold-Lich Mask (1)
Gold-Lich Armor.png Gold-Lich Armor (1)
Gold-Lich Boots.png Gold-Lich Boots (1)
Gold-Lich Spear.png Gold-Lich Spear (1)


After defeating the Light Mender, it will update a Quest which refreshes once a week, allowing you to climb the tower again and receive 3 rare materials from him (without having to fight him again), as you do when you first defeat him. The choices are:


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Light Mender's Creations[]

The Light Mender is the creator of various artifacts and lifeforms, through his attempts to fulfill his "Great Work". Some of these include:

It is likely that the Voltaic Hatchery is where the Light Mender carried out much of this work.


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