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Life Drain
Other Negative
Maximum Health -30%~90%

Life Drain is a permanent effect in Outward, received from the Exalted skill.


This Illness will eventually kill you.


Life Drain comes in multiple stages and has infinite duration. It progresses to a more severe stage every 10 days, starting from 10 days after Exalted is received.

Life Drain 1[]

  • Maximum Health -30%

Life Drain 2[]

  • Maximum Health -60%

Life Drain 3[]

  • Maximum Health -90%
  • Dying with this status active will send the player to the In Between zone. Elatt will be present and offer some lines of dialogue about the player's life and achievements on Aurai. There is no way to exit this zone in single player, but the character can still be used in multiplayer.

Stage 3 Notes:

  • While in the In Between, some ways of damaging oneself such as eating Crabeye or Miasmapod, or casting Immolate, will not cause any damage.

Acquired From[]

This disease is contracted on the final quest of the Holy Mission faction, when choosing to sacrifice yourself in order to save Ellinara from death during the queen's ascension. Elatt warns you that you will die in one month, and this disease is eventually contracted afterwards.


  • It is possible to survive indefinitely with stage 3 Life Drain. With maximum resistances, the player can be basically immune to all forms of damage, apart from Bleeding and fall damage.


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