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The Ley Line at Conflux Chambers.

A Ley Line is a location where one can obtain Mana Mana in Outward.

Obtaining Mana[]

Ley Lines are used to obtain Mana.

  • You must sacrifice 5 Health Health and 5 Stamina Stamina for every 20 Mana Mana gained.
  • You can sacrifice as much Health and Stamina as you want, until either of those stats reaches 50.
  • Obtaining mana completes the minor side-quest Acquire Mana.

Ley Lines[]

Conflux Chambers[]

The Conflux Chambers is found at the heart of the Conflux Mountain in the Chersonese Region.


In The Soroboreans DLC, players can find another Ley Line in Harmattan, in the Sorobor Academy area.


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