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A view of the Slums of Levant

The Slums is a district of Levant, found in the south of the city.


There are two entrances to the Slums.

  • From the south area of Levant, inside the city
  • Outside the city, along the southern walls of Levant in a wooden shanty-town area

Helping the Slums[]

In various Quests, the player can help the Slums through different means. The more the player helps the Slums, the more it will improve. At a certain point, Tamara and Dawne will appear in the Slums, in an area near the entrance which was previously blocked by wooden barricades.

In addition to the changes mentioned in Silver for the Slums, the following changes can occur:

  • A clean water basin will appear in the clearing where two (non-interactive) NPCs are camping on bedrolls.
  • Various bits of debris will be removed or replaced with "cleaner" props in the environment.
  • Buildings will gain decorative color markings, like the other buildings in Levant proper.




In a letter from Pigeoneye to his mother:

I realize now that I am lucky I got in at all. The city is becoming far too crowded, and many find that the trade they came here to practice already has more than enough people performing it.

All new arrivals must now be vouched for, either buying the favour of the local Land Baron, or proving they can be of use in one of Levant's many mercenary corps. More than one poor soul in this slum spent every last silver they had to earn their place here, and now finds themselves unable to earn their daily bread.
~ Pigeoneye

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