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Levant is the major City in the Abrassar region in Outward, home to The Heroic Kingdom of Levant. Ruled by King Simeon and Queen Calixa, it is located on the eastern side of Abrassar.


The city of Levant is built into one of the old fortresses of the Old Levant tribes that came before them, modernized and expanded to be fit for a kingdom. Built on top of a freshwater river and decorated with marble, the city is a bustling place full of merchants, artists, engineers and smiths.

Due to the huge influx of new citizens, a sizeable slum has formed in one of the ruined southern districts of the city.
~ Aegix Drakan (Writer, Nine Dots)


  • Grand Inn - 25 SilverIcon.gif silver per night
  • Clean Water - there is a large circular container of water in the center of the city

Shop Prices[]

Until Blood Under The Sun is completed, all prices (both buy and sell) in Levant are higher than usual with the exception of Gold Ingot and gemstones.

  • Buy prices: 1.75x higher
  • Sell prices: 1.2x higher

note: upon completion of the quest, sell prices are still increased regardless of the outcome.


Main article: Levant/Slums

The Slums is a poor district of Levant. This area is very important to the story of Levant, and there are some important features one can unlock there.

See the Slums page for more details.

Heroes' Palace[]

The Heroes' Palace in Levant is where players can find the royalty King Simeon and Queen Calixa, as well as Kirouac, Prince Jaden and Prince Pietro.

There is an entrance to Undercity Passage in the western area.

Unknown Arena[]

This location contains an end-game boss fight known as an Unknown Arena. See this article for more details.

Levant Player House[]

(Formerly Baron Montgomery's House)

For members of the Heroic Kingdom, the Levant Player house can be obtained after the conclusion of Blood Under The Sun.

  • If the murder is solved in time, the player receives the house as a reward. Otherwise, the player may purchase it for 500 silver.

Players of other factions can receive or purchase the house at the end of their quest-line.

  • Solving Blood Under the Sun in time will result in receiving the house for free.







Levant has many Loot Containers scattered around the city.

Levant Player House Loot[]


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