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Legacy Chest.png

Legacy Chests are hidden chests found in Outward which can be used to pass down items to legacy characters.

There are a total of four Legacy Chests, one in each of the base-game regions, so a player can inherit four legacy items per play-through.


To use a Legacy Chest, a player must insert items into all desired legacy chests, and then start a new character. On the character creation screen, make sure to select the appropriate Ancestor character with the 'Legacy' option. The items you placed in the chests will be shown on the menu.

After the new character is created, the player will have to travel to each of the Legacy Chest locations (see below) to retrieve their inherited items. If the ancestor character removes or changes the items in the chests after the point of creation, it will not update for the legacy character. Likewise, claiming the items from the chests on the legacy character will not affect the ancestor, so the same original items can be reused to make multiple legacy characters, or removed from the chests at any point.


Legacy Chests can be found in the following locations:

  • Abrassar: Inside The Slide, an unmarked location with a few entrances in the desert. Locked behind a gate that requires levers to be pulled to open.
  • Hallowed Marsh: Inside the Spire Of Light, requires pulling the levers to disable the blue barrier wall, then an additional set of levers in the newly unlocked basement area.

Item Upgrades[]

Certain items will be upgraded when inherited from a Legacy Chest.

Arcane Hood.png
Arcane Hood
White Arcane Hood.png
White Arcane Hood
Arcane Robe.png
Arcane Robe
White Arcane Robe.png
White Arcane Robe
Barrier Armor.png
Barrier Armor
Manawall Armor.png
Manawall Armor
Barrier Boots.png
Barrier Boots
Manawall Boots.png
Manawall Boots
Barrier Helm.png
Barrier Helm
Manawall Helm.png
Manawall Helm
Bird Egg.png
Bird Egg
Black Pearlbird Egg.png
Black Pearlbird Egg
Black Pearlbird Mask.png
Black Pearlbird Mask
Jewel Bird Mask.png
Jewel Bird Mask
Black Plate Armor.png
Black Plate Armor
Orichalcum Armor.png
Orichalcum Armor
Black Plate Boots.png
Black Plate Boots
Orichalcum Boots.png
Orichalcum Boots
Black Plate Helm.png
Black Plate Helm
Orichalcum Helmet.png
Orichalcum Helmet
Butcher's Amethyst.png
Butcher's Amethyst
Butcher Cleaver.png
Butcher Cleaver
Calygrey Mace.png
Calygrey Mace
Ancient Calygrey Mace.png
Ancient Calygrey Mace
Calygrey Staff.png
Calygrey Staff
Ancient Calygrey Staff.png
Ancient Calygrey Staff
Clansage Robe.png
Clansage Robe
Red Clansage Robe.png
Red Clansage Robe
Cleaver Halberd.png
Cleaver Halberd
Sanguine Cleaver.png
Sanguine Cleaver
Copal Armor.png
Copal Armor
Green Copal Armor.png
Green Copal Armor
Copal Boots.png
Copal Boots
Green Copal Boots.png
Green Copal Boots
Copal Helm.png
Copal Helm
Green Copal Helmet.png
Green Copal Helmet
Damascene Axe.png
Damascene Axe
Masterpiece Axe.png
Masterpiece Axe
Damascene Bow.png
Damascene Bow
Masterpiece Bow.png
Masterpiece Bow
Damascene Claymore.png
Damascene Claymore
Masterpiece Claymore.png
Masterpiece Claymore
Damascene Greataxe.png
Damascene Greataxe
Masterpiece Greataxe.png
Masterpiece Greataxe
Damascene Halberd.png
Damascene Halberd
Masterpiece Halberd.png
Masterpiece Halberd
Damascene Hammer.png
Damascene Hammer
Masterpiece Hammer.png
Masterpiece Hammer
Damascene Knuckles.png
Damascene Knuckles
Masterpiece Knuckles.png
Masterpiece Knuckles
Damascene Mace.png
Damascene Mace
Masterpiece Mace.png
Masterpiece Mace
Damascene Spear.png
Damascene Spear
Masterpiece Spear.png
Masterpiece Spear
Damascene Sword.png
Damascene Sword
Masterpiece Sword.png
Masterpiece Sword
Desert Boots.png
Desert Boots
Master Desert Boots.png
Master Desert Boots
Elite Desert Tunic.png
Elite Desert Tunic
Master Desert Tunic.png
Master Desert Tunic
Elite Desert Veil.png
Elite Desert Veil
Master Desert Veil.png
Master Desert Veil
Fang Axe.png
Fang Axe
Savage Axe.png
Savage Axe
Fang Club.png
Fang Club
Savage Club.png
Savage Club
Fang Greataxe.png
Fang Greataxe
Savage Greataxe.png
Savage Greataxe
Fang Greatclub.png
Fang Greatclub
Savage Greatclub.png
Savage Greatclub
Fang Greatsword.png
Fang Greatsword
Savage Greatsword.png
Savage Greatsword
Fang Halberd.png
Fang Halberd
Savage Halberd.png
Savage Halberd
Fang Knuckles.png
Fang Knuckles
Savage Fang Knuckles.png
Savage Fang Knuckles
Fang Shield.png
Fang Shield
Savage Shield.png
Savage Shield
Fang Sword.png
Fang Sword
Savage Sword.png
Savage Sword
Fang Trident.png
Fang Trident
Savage Trident.png
Savage Trident
Felling Greataxe.png
Felling Greataxe
Gold Greataxe.png
Gold Greataxe
Fishing Harpoon.png
Fishing Harpoon
Gold Harpoon.png
Gold Harpoon
Fur Armor.png
Fur Armor
Black Fur Armor.png
Black Fur Armor
Fur Boots.png
Fur Boots
Black Fur Boots.png
Black Fur Boots
Fur Helm.png
Fur Helm
Black Fur Helmet.png
Black Fur Helmet
Gold Hatchet.png
Gold Hatchet
Iron Knuckles.png
Iron Knuckles
Golden Iron Knuckles.png
Golden Iron Knuckles
Junk Claymore.png
Junk Claymore
Golden Junk Claymore.png
Golden Junk Claymore
Kazite Armor.png
Kazite Armor
Master Kazite Armor.png
Master Kazite Armor
Kazite Boots.png
Kazite Boots
Master Kazite Boots.png
Master Kazite Boots
Kazite Cat Mask.png
Kazite Cat Mask
Master Kazite Cat Mask.png
Master Kazite Cat Mask
Kazite Light Armor.png
Kazite Light Armor
Shadow Kazite Light Armor.png
Shadow Kazite Light Armor
Kazite Light Boots.png
Kazite Light Boots
Shadow Kazite Light Boots.png
Shadow Kazite Light Boots
Kazite Light Helmet.png
Kazite Light Helmet
Shadow Kazite Light Helmet.png
Shadow Kazite Light Helmet
Kazite Mask.png
Kazite Mask
Master Kazite Mask.png
Master Kazite Mask
Kazite Oni Mask.png
Kazite Oni Mask
Master Kazite Oni Mask.png
Master Kazite Oni Mask
Kintsugi Armor.png
Kintsugi Armor
White Kintsugi Armor.png
White Kintsugi Armor
Kintsugi Boots.png
Kintsugi Boots
White Kintsugi Boots.png
White Kintsugi Boots
Kintsugi Helm.png
Kintsugi Helm
White Kintsugi Helmet.png
White Kintsugi Helmet
Light Kazite Shirt.png
Light Kazite Shirt
Shadow Light Kazite Shirt.png
Shadow Light Kazite Shirt
Gold Machete.png
Gold Machete
Master’s Staff.png
Master's Staff
Ivory Master's Staff.png
Ivory Master's Staff
Militia Armor.png
Militia Armor
Vigilante Armor.png
Vigilante Armor
Militia Axe.png
Militia Axe
Vigilante Axe.png
Vigilante Axe
Militia Boots.png
Militia Boots
Vigilante Boots.png
Vigilante Boots
Militia Bow.png
Militia Bow
Vigilante Bow.png
Vigilante Bow
Militia Chakram.png
Militia Chakram
Vigilante Chakram.png
Vigilante Chakram
Militia Claymore.png
Militia Claymore
Vigilante Claymore.png
Vigilante Claymore
Militia Dagger.png
Militia Dagger
Vigilante Dagger.png
Vigilante Dagger
Militia Greataxe.png
Militia Greataxe
Vigilante Greataxe.png
Vigilante Greataxe
Militia Halberd.png
Militia Halberd
Vigilante Halberd.png
Vigilante Halberd
Militia Hammer.png
Militia Hammer
Vigilante Hammer.png
Vigilante Hammer
Militia Helm.png
Militia Helm
Vigilante Helm.png
Vigilante Helm
Militia Knuckles.png
Militia Knuckles
Vigilante Knuckles.png
Vigilante Knuckles
Militia Mace.png
Militia Mace
Vigilante Mace.png
Vigilante Mace
Militia Pistol.png
Militia Pistol
Vigilante Pistol.png
Vigilante Pistol
Militia Shield.png
Militia Shield
Vigilante Shield.png
Vigilante Shield
Militia Spear.png
Militia Spear
Vigilante Spear.png
Vigilante Spear
Militia Sword.png
Militia Sword
Vigilante Sword.png
Vigilante Sword
Mining Pick.png
Mining Pick
Gold Mining Pick.png
Gold Mining Pick
Mushroom Halberd.png
Mushroom Halberd
Spore Halberd.png
Spore Halberd
Mushroom Shield.png
Mushroom Shield
Spore Shield.png
Spore Shield
Obsidian Axe.png
Obsidian Axe
Meteoric Axe.png
Meteoric Axe
Obsidian Bow.png
Obsidian Bow
Meteoric Bow.png
Meteoric Bow
Obsidian Chakram.png
Obsidian Chakram
Meteoric Chakram.png
Meteoric Chakram
Obsidian Claymore.png
Obsidian Claymore
Meteoric Claymore.png
Meteoric Claymore
Obsidian Greataxe.png
Obsidian Greataxe
Meteoric Greataxe.png
Meteoric Greataxe
Obsidian Greatmace.png
Obsidian Greatmace
Meteoric Hammer.png
Meteoric Hammer
Obsidian Halberd.png
Obsidian Halberd
Meteoric Halberd.png
Meteoric Halberd
Obsidian Knuckles.png
Obsidian Knuckles
Meteoric Knuckles.png
Meteoric Knuckles
Obsidian Mace.png
Obsidian Mace
Meteoric Mace.png
Meteoric Mace
Obsidian Pistol.png
Obsidian Pistol
Meteoric Pistol.png
Meteoric Pistol
Obsidian Spear.png
Obsidian Spear
Meteoric Spear.png
Meteoric Spear
Obsidian Sword.png
Obsidian Sword
Meteoric Sword.png
Meteoric Sword
Pearlbird Mask.png
Pearlbird Mask
Black Pearlbird Mask.png
Black Pearlbird Mask
Gold Pitchfork.png
Gold Pitchfork
Plank Shield.png
Plank Shield
Golden Shield.png
Golden Shield
Prayer Claymore.png
Prayer Claymore
Sinner Claymore.png
Sinner Claymore
Primitive Club.png
Primitive Club
Gold Club.png
Gold Club
Gold Quarterstaff.png
Gold Quarterstaff
Simple Bow.png
Simple Bow
Gold Bow.png
Gold Bow
Steel Sabre.png
Steel Sabre
Cerulean Sabre.png
Cerulean Sabre
Troglodyte Pole Mace.png
Troglodyte Pole Mace
Withering Pole Mace.png
Withering Pole Mace
Troglodyte Staff.png
Troglodyte Staff
Crystal Staff.png
Crystal Staff
Troglodyte Trident.png
Troglodyte Trident
Withering Trident.png
Withering Trident
Wide Black Hat.png
Wide Black Hat
White Wide Hat.png
White Wide Hat
Wide Blue Hat.png
Wide Blue Hat
Red Wide Hat.png
Red Wide Hat
Worn Guisarme.png
Worn Guisarme
Gold Guisarme.png
Gold Guisarme

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