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Lanterns in Outward provide light and are held in the off-hand. Most backpacks also allow lanterns to be hung off of them, freeing the user's off-hand to use other equipment. More powerful lanterns have either greater duration, expanded light radius, or both.

Refueling Lanterns[]

Lanterns that are low or completely out of fuel can be re-fueled by adding the Lantern and one Thick Oil (or Power Coil for the Coil lantern) to a manual craft.

Lantern Skills[]


Coil Lantern.pngCoil Lantern5001.0
Djinn's Lamp.pngDjinn's Lamp The Three Brothers2001.0+15 Status Resistance Status Resistance
Explorer Lantern.pngExplorer Lantern2001.0
Lantern of Souls.pngLantern of Souls1.020 Ethereal resistance
10 Fire resistance
10 Frost resistance
10 Lightning resistance
10 Decay resistance
Old Lantern.pngOld Lantern1600.6
Virgin Lantern.pngVirgin Lantern The Soroboreans2001.0Passively regains Fuel over time when Enchanted


Torches cannot be hung from backpack or refueled, but in all other regards they behave like lanterns.

Torches also provide Hot warmth or Cold cool the player down, providing protection from Weather.

Ice-Flame Torch.pngIce-Flame Torch5000.4
Makeshift Torch.pngMakeshift Torch1000.4

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