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King Simeon
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The Heroic Kingdom of Levant
Simeon's Gambit

King Simeon, along with his wife Queen Calixa, is one of the leaders of Levant, city in Abrassar and home of the Heroic Kingdom faction.


During the bloody and dangerous time just after the Scourge, Simeon and Calixa were mercenaries known for their work in hunting down the Beasts of the Scourge.

Hearing of the immense and monstrous giant beast that was rampaging across Abrassar Desert, they gathered an army and set off to kill it. Against all odds, they managed to bring the monster down, and reaped a bounty for it large enough to found their own kingdom.

King Simeon has always been brash and blunt, being the aggressive spear-man of the pair. He's had trouble adjusting to life on the throne, often yearning for the days when he could be out in the field, making a difference. Still, he believes firmly in the ideals of Levant, and would give his life for his city without a second thought.

They have two sons, Pietro and Jaden.
~ Aegix Drakan (Writer, Nine Dots)

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Simeon teaches:

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King Simeon is a member of the Royal family of Levant.

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