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Inflicts a random Hex debuff on the target.
8 Mana Mana
5 Seconds
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Acquired From
Ella Lockwell (Harmattan)
50 SilverIcon.gif
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Jinx is a Hex Mage skill in Outward that applies a random Hex.


Inflicts a random Hex debuff on the target.


  • Will randomly inflict one of: Chill, Curse, Doom, Haunted or Scorched (equal random chance) on the target enemy
  • The spell can only be blocked by terrain and walls, it cannot be blocked or resisted by characters.

Outcome Probabilities[]

Since Jinx randomly picks a Hex to apply (and it can pick one that is already applied), the likelihood of applying a Hex depends on the number of casts you do. The following table shows the average number of Hexes applied after a certain number of casts.

Note that obviously you cannot apply a fraction of a Hex, but these numbers will be true for the long-term.

# of Casts Success Chance Avg. Hexes Applied
1 ~100% 1
2 ~80% 1.8
3 ~64% 2.44
4 ~48% 2.93
5 ~41% 3.34
6 ~33% 3.67
7 ~26% 3.94
8 ~21% 4.15
9 ~17% 4.32
10 ~14% 4.46


  • If the target is already inflicted with the Hex, the timer will be refreshed.

Vanilla Targeting Behaviour[]

This section only applies to the Vanilla game (not Definitive Edition):

Jinx has unique and somewhat complex targeting behaviour. Internally, you have two Jinx "projectiles" which are cycled between every time you cast the skill. Each of these projectiles has their own memory, and will remember the last target they hit.

If you cast Jinx while not locked on, the projectile will try to locate its previous target (remembering that each of your 2 projectiles has their own memory), and will focus them instead. If you have not yet hit a target with that projectile since your last scene-load (or the previous target is dead or out of range), then the spell will have no effect.

You cannot hit a target with Jinx without first locking onto them and hitting them with Jinx at least once. If you hit them twice, both of your projectiles now have that target in their memory, so you can now unlock from the target and cast Jinx on them freely without locking on, giving you more mobility in battle.

Finally, if you were to target an enemy and Jinx them, then target a different enemy and Jinx them also, your 2 projectiles now have a different target in their memory. If you unlocked and proceeded to cast Jinx, each cast would alternate between your 2 last enemies.

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