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The Inventory is where players can see what items and equipment they currently have.

Inventory space limits the total Weight of the items the player can carry at any time, not including their worn equipment. There are technically two inventories in Outward - the Pouch, and the Backpack. The pouch is always available, whereas the Backpack can be dropped when needed for greater versatility while engaging in combat.

Pouch Bonus[]

Found on some Equipment, pouch bonus grants extra carrying weight to the player's pouch, increasing the number of items they can carry at all times before being inflicted with Pouch Overweight.


The player's backpack grants much more carrying capacity, with the highest possible being 110 weight capacity. Once the player exceeds their bag's limit, they are inflicted with Bag Overweight.

Many backpacks also restrict the player's ability to dodge, so by dropping their backpack the player has much more maneuverability in combat.

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