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Impact Impact.png is an attribute in Outward which is related to the stability bar. Impact damage and impact resistance can also be increased by Effects, Food, Potions, and Skills.


Impact Damage on a weapon, trap or skill determines how much damage is dealt to the opponent's Stability bar. The stability bar represents the players stability from 0 to 100, and impact damage is subtracted directly from this number. Note that if the player or enemy is blocking, they will have an extra 50 stability "points".

Impact Resistance as an attribute determines how much impact damage is prevented when you are struck by an enemy, as a basic percentage modifier (ie. 20 Impact.png impact resistance = 20% reduced impact damage). Typically, heavier armor has more impact resistance.

Protection reduces Impact damage by a flat amount, the same way it reduces physical damage.


  • When an opponent is knocked down they will be invulnerable to impact damage, quickly regain full stability, and in some cases be knocked very far back. As such, it can be more beneficial in combat to try to keep the enemy's stability between 1 and 50% so that each attack will stagger them, interrupting any of their actions.
  • If an enemy is staggered 3 times within a span of about 8 seconds, they will be knocked down regardless of their current stability (this does not apply to the player, however)
  • Larger enemies often have much longer 'knock down' animations, and will be vulnerable to attacks while they get back up. This means knock-downs are more effective against them as opposed to enemies with faster animations.

Impact Damage Stat Sources[]


Kill Streak The Three BrothersFlat-25%3 minutes
RageFlat25% to 35%4 minutes
Weaken The SoroboreansFlat-40%60 seconds
Wind ImbueFlat50%3 minutesOnly affects Weapon impact damage.


Assassin The SoroboreansFlat5% to 10%
Primal Wind The SoroboreansFlat10%
Rascal's Verve The SoroboreansFlat10%

Impact Resistance Stat Sources[]

As well as the sources listed below, nearly all Armor and Shields grant some Impact resistance.


Craze The Three BrothersFlat-10%4 minutes
Defiled The SoroboreansFlat-30%
DizzyFlat-60%60 seconds
Force BubbleFlat-50%4 seconds
Gaberry Wine (effect)Flat-15%5 minutes
Impact Resistance UpFlat25%
Needs: HotFlat-60%
Sleep: MonsoonFlat5%40 minutes


Master of MotionFlat10%Only when Discipline boon is active.
Steady ArmFlat10%Only applies when blocking.


Formless Material The SoroboreansFlat10%When applied to helmets
Rascal's Verve The SoroboreansFlat7% to 13%
Stabilizing Forces The SoroboreansFlat5% to 10%
Unwavering Determination The SoroboreansFlat12%

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