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Ibolya Battleborn, Chef
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NPC Data
Sorobor Academy
Merchant (Food)
Gives quests
Need: Manaheart Bass
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Ibolya Battleborn, Chef is an merchant in Harmattan, city in the Antique Plateau.


Ibolya is the food merchant for Harmattan, trading in many different food and potions. She is found out the front of the market, not under the roof like all the other merchants.

Price Modifiers

Ibolya Battleborn, Chef is affected by Harmattan Market's price modifiers. Items cost 1.3x as much to buy from this store.

If the player hands the evidence from Purifier to Sekiguchi Meiko, the buy modifier is restored to the normal 1.0x rate.


Ibolya gives the quest Need: Manaheart Bass.


Ibolya Battleborn, Chef is a member of the Battleborn family.


Guaranteed Stock

Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot (5-8)
Bread.png Bread (6-10)
Fresh Cream.png Fresh Cream (3-6)
Sugar.png Sugar (2-4)
Flour.png Flour (2-4)
Gaberry Jam.png Gaberry Jam (2-4)
Crawlberry Jam.png Crawlberry Jam (2-4)
Cipate.png Cipate (2-3)
Cheese Cake.png Cheese Cake (2-3)
Bagatelle.png Bagatelle (2-3)
Angel Food Cake.png Angel Food Cake (2-3)
Pouding Chomeur.png Pouding Chomeur (2-3)
Purpkin Pie.png Purpkin Pie (2-3)
Bird Egg.png Bird Egg (3-4)

Random Stock 1
This drop table will be rolled 4 times.

ItemsChance *
Turmmip.png Turmmip (4-5)12.5% (41%)
Raw Meat.png Raw Meat (4-5)12.5% (41%)
Raw Alpha Meat.png Raw Alpha Meat (2-3)12.5% (41%)
Larva Egg.png Larva Egg (3-4)12.5% (41%)
Azure Shrimp.png Azure Shrimp (2-3)12.5% (41%)
Raw Rainbow Trout.png Raw Rainbow Trout (3-4)12.5% (41%)
Raw Salmon.png Raw Salmon (4-5)12.5% (41%)
Woolshroom.png Woolshroom (4-6)12.5% (41%)

* The second number indicates the total chance of receiving the drop at least once, from 4 rolls.
Random Stock 3
This drop table will be rolled 5 times.

ItemsChance *
Alpha Sandwich.png Alpha Sandwich (3-4)5.56% (25%)
Meat Stew.png Meat Stew (3-5)5.56% (25%)
Ocean Fricassee.png Ocean Fricassee (4-5)5.56% (25%)
Luxe Lichette.png Luxe Lichette (2-3)5.56% (25%)
Pot-au-Feu du Pirate.png Pot-au-Feu du Pirate (3-4)5.56% (25%)
Turmmip Potage.png Turmmip Potage (3-4)5.56% (25%)
Miner’s Omelet.png Miner's Omelet (4-5)5.56% (25%)
Savage Stew.png Savage Stew (3-4)5.56% (25%)
Spiny Meringue.png Spiny Meringue (2-3)5.56% (25%)
Cactus Pie.png Cactus Pie (2-3)5.56% (25%)
Bread Of The Wild.png Bread Of The Wild (2-3)5.56% (25%)
Stringy Salad.png Stringy Salad (4-5)5.56% (25%)
Purpkin Pie.png Purpkin Pie (3)5.56% (25%)
Pouding Chomeur.png Pouding Chomeur (3)5.56% (25%)
Angel Food Cake.png Angel Food Cake (3)5.56% (25%)
Bagatelle.png Bagatelle (3)5.56% (25%)
Cheese Cake.png Cheese Cake (3)5.56% (25%)
Cipate.png Cipate (3)5.56% (25%)

* The second number indicates the total chance of receiving the drop at least once, from 5 rolls.


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