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Helmets are a type of Armor in Outward that character wears on their head.

  • Certain helmets will hamper spell casting by increasing mana costs.
  • There are specific helmets designed for a magic based character.

List of Helmets[]

IconNameResistancesImpact.pngProtectionBarrierStatus ResistanceDamage Bonus%HotWeather.pngCold WeatherStamina CostMana CostCorruptionCooldownMovementPouch BonusDurabilityWeightEffects
Adventurer's Helm.pngAdventurer's Helm10% Physical
15% Fire
8% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather2% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-2% Movement2903.0
Ammolite Helm.pngAmmolite Helm9% Physical
15% Frost
14% Impact.pngProtection5% Physical
Cold Weather2% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost2853.0
Antique Plate Sallet.pngAntique Plate Sallet The Soroboreans8% Physical
6% Impact.pngProtection5% Ethereal
10% Fire
10 Cold Weather-10% Mana Cost1953.0
Arcane Hood.pngArcane Hood6% Physical
20% Ethereal
20% Lightning
3% Impact.pngProtectionCold Weather-10% Mana Cost5% Cooldown1801.0
Ash-Filter Mask.pngAsh-Filter Mask7% Physical
20% Decay
5% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather2053.0
Barrier Helm.pngBarrier Helm The Three Brothers8% Physical
9% Impact.pngBarrierHotWeather.png5% Movement6001.0
Black Fur Helmet.pngBlack Fur Helmet12% Physical
15% Frost
12% Impact.png12 Cold Weather4603.0
Black Pearlbird Mask.pngBlack Pearlbird Mask6% Physical
6% Impact.png17% Movement1002.0
Black Plate Helm.pngBlack Plate Helm16% Physical
11% Impact.pngProtectionCold Weather4% Stamina Cost40% Mana Cost-4% Movement3259.0
Blue Sand Helm.pngBlue Sand Helm14% Physical
20% Frost
20% Fire
11% Impact.pngProtection4% Stamina Cost10% Mana Cost-4% Movement3505.0
Brigand's Hat.pngBrigand's Hat10% Physical
5% Impact.pngCold Weather1655.0
Bright Nobleman Hat.pngBright Nobleman Hat2% Physical
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost1651.0
Bright Rich Hat.pngBright Rich Hat2% Physical
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost1651.0
Caged Armor Helm.pngCaged Armor Helm The Soroboreans20% Physical
5% Ethereal
5% Decay
13% Impact.pngProtection5% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost5% Movement4258.0
Caldera Mail Helm.pngCaldera Mail Helm The Three Brothers11% Physical
7% Lightning
7% Frost
9% Impact.pngProtection7% Mana Cost3503.0Prevents Pain and Confusion by 25%
Candle Plate Helm.pngCandle Plate Helm20% Physical
15% Lightning
15% Fire
13% Impact.pngProtectionCold Weather4% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost5% Corruption-4% Movement5308.0
Cauldron Helm.pngCauldron Helm8% Physical
15% Impact.png4% Stamina Cost100% Mana Cost-4% Movement2003.0
Chalcedony Helmet.pngChalcedony Helmet The Three Brothers14% Physical
10% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier4% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-3% Movement45010.0
Copal Helm.pngCopal Helm7% Physical
15% Ethereal
10% Lightning
6% Impact.pngProtection15% Mana Cost1903.0
Coralhorn Mask.pngCoralhorn Mask10% Physical
20% Frost
5% Impact.png-10% Mana Cost1804.0
Crimson Plate Mask.pngCrimson Plate Mask18% Physical
30% Frost
13% Impact.pngProtection11% Frost
Cold Weather4% Stamina Cost20% Mana Cost-4% Movement53010.0
Dancer Mask.pngDancer Mask1% Physical
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-15% Stamina Cost1800.5
Dark Nobleman Hat.pngDark Nobleman Hat2% Physical
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost1651.0
Dark Rich Hat.pngDark Rich Hat2% Physical
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost1651.0
Dark Worker Hood.pngDark Worker Hood1% Physical
1% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather901.0
Desert Veil.pngDesert Veil6% Physical
5% Impact.png10 HotWeather.png1652.0
Elite Desert Veil.pngElite Desert Veil13% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.png-10% Stamina Cost5% Mana Cost2902.0
Elite Hood.pngElite Hood13% Physical
30% Decay
9% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.png-10% Stamina Cost2903.0
Elite Plate Helm.pngElite Plate Helm18% Physical
12% Impact.pngProtection4% Stamina Cost50% Mana Cost-4% Movement43010.0
Entomber Hat.pngEntomber Hat12% Physical
15% Decay
15% Lightning
10% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost5% Movement2452.0
Ergagr'Uk!.pngErgagr'Uk!0% Impact.png50% Ethereal
-50% Mana Cost1.0+0.1 Mana Mana restored per second
Fur Helm.pngFur Helm6% Physical
10% Frost
5% Impact.png10 Cold Weather1803.0
Gar'Ga'Nak.pngGar'Ga'Nak-40% Frost
-40% Fire
0% Impact.png35% Lightning
35% Frost
35% Fire
-35% Mana Cost1.0
Gargargar!.pngGargargar!33% Physical
33% Impact.png60% Physical
101.025% Impact bonus
Go'gO.pngGo'gO0% Impact.png-20% Stamina Cost17% Movement51.0
Gold-Lich Mask.pngGold-Lich Mask14% Physical
30% Lightning
30% Fire
10% Impact.png-25% Mana Cost5103.0
GorkKrog!.pngGorkKrog!50% Physical
60% Impact.png10 Protection25% Physical
GoulgGalog!.pngGoulgGalog!15% Physical
60% Decay
0% Impact.png100% Decay
Green Copal Helmet.pngGreen Copal Helmet8% Physical
15% Ethereal
10% Lightning
9% Impact.pngProtection10% Mana Cost3753.0
Halfplate Helm.pngHalfplate Helm9% Physical
7% Impact.pngProtection2% Stamina Cost20% Mana Cost-2% Movement2205.0
Horror Helm.pngHorror Helm The Soroboreans20% Physical
-5% Lightning
13% Impact.pngProtection10% Decay
4% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost-5% Corruption-4% Movement4258.0
Hound Mask.pngHound Mask10% Physical
5% Impact.png10% Physical
Jade Acolyte Cowl.pngJade Acolyte Cowl6% Physical
10% Decay
-10% Lightning
3% Impact.png-10% Mana Cost1801.0
Jade-Lich Mask.pngJade-Lich Mask7% Physical
30% Decay
-20% Lightning
10% Impact.png10% Decay
-25% Mana Cost4253.0
Jewel Bird Mask.pngJewel Bird Mask10% Physical
10% Impact.png19% Movement1003.0
Kazite Cat Mask.pngKazite Cat Mask10% Physical
8% Impact.png-8% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost5% Cooldown2153.0
Kazite Light Helmet.pngKazite Light Helmet The Soroboreans10% Physical
8% Impact.png15% Mana Cost3% Cooldown2403.0
Kazite Mask.pngKazite Mask10% Physical
8% Impact.png-12% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost2153.0
Kazite Oni Mask.pngKazite Oni Mask10% Physical
8% Impact.png5% Physical
-8% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost2153.0
Kintsugi Helm.pngKintsugi Helm18% Physical
17% Impact.pngProtection4% Stamina Cost50% Mana Cost-9% Movement40010.0
Krypteia Mask.pngKrypteia Mask The Three Brothers16% Physical
6% Ethereal
6% Fire
8% Impact.png7% Lightning
3003.0Prevents Plague
Looter Mask.pngLooter Mask4% Physical
10% Impact.pngCold Weather1201.0
Makeshift Leather Hat.pngMakeshift Leather Hat4% Physical
6% Impact.pngCold Weather1203.0
Manawall Helm.pngManawall Helm The Three Brothers8% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier10% Ethereal
HotWeather.png5% Movement6001.0
Master Desert Veil.pngMaster Desert Veil14% Physical
11% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.png-3% Stamina Cost-15% Mana Cost5% Movement3002.0
Master Kazite Cat Mask.pngMaster Kazite Cat Mask12% Physical
5% Decay
12% Impact.pngProtection-6% Stamina Cost10% Mana Cost8% Cooldown3453.0
Master Kazite Mask.pngMaster Kazite Mask12% Physical
5% Decay
12% Impact.pngProtection-16% Stamina Cost10% Mana Cost3453.0
Master Kazite Oni Mask.pngMaster Kazite Oni Mask12% Physical
5% Decay
12% Impact.pngProtection-6% Stamina Cost10% Mana Cost3453.0
Master Trader Hat.pngMaster Trader Hat7% Physical
4% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather-15% Stamina Cost5% Movement22451.0
Merton's Skull.pngMerton's Skull0% Impact.png0.0
Militia Helm.pngMilitia Helm The Three Brothers13% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.png2% Stamina Cost5% Mana Cost-2% Movement3005.0Prevents Confusion
Miner Helmet.pngMiner Helmet The Three Brothers5% Physical
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png1201.0Prevents Confusion
Noble Mask.pngNoble Mask The Three Brothers4% Physical
20% Ethereal
10% Decay
10% Fire
3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Mana Cost2501.0
Novice Hat.pngNovice Hat3% Physical
25% Decay
25% Frost
25% Fire
3% Impact.png-5% Mana Cost10% Corruption1651.0
Orichalcum Helmet.pngOrichalcum Helmet18% Physical
11% Impact.pngProtection10 Cold Weather3% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost-4% Movement4309.0
Padded Helm.pngPadded Helm5% Physical
7% Frost
9% Impact.pngCold Weather1503.0
Pale Worker's Hood.pngPale Worker's Hood1% Physical
1% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather901.0
Palladium Helm.pngPalladium Helm18% Physical
15% Decay
12% Impact.pngProtection2% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost-3% Movement49011.0
Pathfinder Mask.pngPathfinder Mask13% Physical
15% Decay
7% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.pngCold Weather2% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-2% Movement3755.0
Patterned Worker Hood.pngPatterned Worker Hood1% Physical
1% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather901.0
Pearlbird Mask.pngPearlbird Mask2% Physical
2% Impact.png15% Movement1001.0
Petrified Wood Helm.pngPetrified Wood Helm12% Physical
15% Fire
12% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.png2% Stamina Cost10% Mana Cost-2% Movement2353.0
Pilgrim Helmet.pngPilgrim Helmet17% Physical
11% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.pngCold Weather4% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-2% Movement54108.0
Plate Helm.pngPlate Helm14% Physical
10% Impact.pngProtection4% Stamina Cost50% Mana Cost-4% Movement3008.0
Purple Festive Hat.pngPurple Festive Hat2% Physical
2% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost1501.0
Red Festive Hat.pngRed Festive Hat2% Physical
2% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost1501.0
Red Wide Hat.pngRed Wide Hat8% Physical
6% Impact.png10% Decay
10% Frost
10 HotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost-20% Mana Cost3101.0
Runic Helm.pngRunic Helm13% Physical
12% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier9% Stamina Cost-5% Mana Cost-4% Movement3758.0
Rust Lich Helmet.pngRust Lich Helmet The Soroboreans14% Physical
10% Impact.pngProtection-30% Physical
25% Lightning
2% Stamina Cost-15% Mana Cost-2% Movement3405.0
Scaled Leather Hat.pngScaled Leather Hat8% Physical
5% Decay
11% Impact.png7% Physical
Scarab Mask.pngScarab Mask10% Physical
20% Fire
20% Impact.png1804.0
Scarlet Mask.pngScarlet Mask The Three Brothers4% Physical
4% Impact.png-10% Status Resistance15% Ethereal
15% Fire
Scavenger Hood.pngScavenger Hood5% Physical
4% Impact.pngCold Weather1503.0
Scavenger Mask.pngScavenger Mask5% Physical
4% Impact.pngCold Weather1503.0
Scavenger Scarf.pngScavenger Scarf6% Physical
5% Impact.pngCold Weather1653.0
Scholar Circlet.pngScholar Circlet3% Impact.pngHotWeather.png-10% Mana Cost10% Cooldown1651.0
Shadow Kazite Light Helmet.pngShadow Kazite Light Helmet The Soroboreans13% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtection15% Mana Cost5% Cooldown3003.0
Shock Helmet.pngShock Helmet14% Physical
30% Lightning
15% Impact.pngProtection4% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost5006.010% Impact bonus
Silver Helm.pngSilver Helm13% Physical
15% Decay
8% Impact.pngProtectionBarrier2% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-2% Movement2605.0
Slayer's Helmet.pngSlayer's Helmet The Three Brothers16% Physical
5% Frost
5% Fire
7% Impact.png15% Status Resistance7% Physical
HotWeather.pngCold Weather2503.0
Squire Headband.pngSquire Headband13% Physical
15% Decay
15% Lightning
11% Impact.png-15% Stamina Cost5% Movement4703.0
Straw Hat.pngStraw Hat4% Physical
2% Impact.pngHotWeather.png2001.0
Tattered Hood.pngTattered Hood1% Physical
1% Impact.pngHotWeather.pngCold Weather901.0
Tenebrous Helm.pngTenebrous Helm9% Physical
7% Lightning
7% Frost
7% Fire
7% Impact.png5% Ethereal
10% Decay
Cold Weather-10% Mana Cost4% Corruption2602.0
Tsar Helm.pngTsar Helm20% Physical
20% Fire
13% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.png4% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-9% Movement13.0
Tuanosaur Mask.pngTuanosaur Mask10% Physical
20% Decay
5% Impact.png-10% Stamina Cost1804.0
Vigilante Helm.pngVigilante Helm The Three Brothers14% Physical
10% Impact.pngProtectionHotWeather.png5% Stamina Cost5% Mana Cost-2% Movement3405.0Prevents Confusion
Virgin Helmet.pngVirgin Helmet The Soroboreans12% Physical
10% Impact.pngProtection2% Stamina Cost-2% Movement3005.0
White Arcane Hood.pngWhite Arcane Hood10% Physical
20% Ethereal
20% Lightning
3% Impact.pngProtection5% Ethereal
5% Lightning
Cold Weather-10% Mana Cost10% Cooldown3201.0
White Kintsugi Helmet.pngWhite Kintsugi Helmet20% Physical
17% Impact.pngProtection5% Fire
2% Stamina Cost50% Mana Cost-6% Movement48010.0
White Priest Hood.pngWhite Priest Hood8% Physical
20% Decay
20% Frost
20% Fire
3% Impact.png-10% Mana Cost15% Corruption2601.0
White Priest Mitre.pngWhite Priest Mitre20% Decay
20% Frost
20% Fire
8% Lightning
8% Frost
8% Fire
White Wide Hat.pngWhite Wide Hat8% Physical
6% Impact.png10% Lightning
10% Fire
10 HotWeather.png-20% Mana Cost5% Movement3101.0
Wide Black Hat.pngWide Black Hat8% Physical
6% Impact.png10% Fire
10 HotWeather.png-20% Mana Cost5% Movement2301.0
Wide Blue Hat.pngWide Blue Hat8% Physical
6% Impact.png10% Frost
10 HotWeather.png-5% Stamina Cost-20% Mana Cost2301.0
Wolf Mage Helmet.pngWolf Mage Helmet The Soroboreans4% Physical
11% Impact.pngProtection-10% Mana Cost10% Corruption2251.0
Wolf Medic Helmet.pngWolf Medic Helmet The Soroboreans13% Physical
9% Impact.pngProtectionCold Weather2% Stamina Cost-5% Mana Cost7% Corruption-2% Movement3005.0Recover +0.05 Health Health per second
Wolf Plate Full-Helm.pngWolf Plate Full-Helm21% Physical
15% Ethereal
12% Impact.pngProtection4% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost-4% Movement4606.0
Wolf Plate Helm.pngWolf Plate Helm18% Physical
15% Ethereal
12% Impact.pngProtectionCold Weather4% Stamina Cost15% Mana Cost-4% Movement4606.0
Zagis' Mask.pngZagis' Mask20% Physical
13% Impact.pngProtection10% Physical
10 HotWeather.png8% Stamina Cost30% Mana Cost-8% Movement56012.0

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