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Health Health (also known as health points, hit points, or HP) is one of three Vitals in Outward, represented by the red circular bar in the bottom left corner of screen.


Starting with a base maximum of 100, Health represents the amount of damage one can take before receiving a defeat scenario. Characters can regain health in number of ways, including consuming certain food, potions, and resting. Health does not regenerate over time naturally. Maximum health can be decreased and increased permanently on any characters through the Leyline found in Conflux Chambers and a variety of Skills.


Health does not regenerate on its own. Health can be restored from:

Direct Heal

Health over time

The different effects can be stacked.

Burnt Health[]

Through receiving damage, passing out and other means, a portion of maximum Health can become "Burnt", preventing Health from fully regenerating through Healing.

Burnt Health is indicated by the dark-red portion of the health bar. It can be recovered with resting, and from:




Increasing Maximum Health[]

Players can increase their maximum health through Passives:

Decreasing Maximum Health[]

Leyline at the Conflux Chambers can reduce the player's maximum health:

  • Characters can trade 5 Health (and 5 Stamina) for 20 Mana.

Players can decrease their maximum health through Passives:

  • Unsealed The Three Brothers Decreases max Health by 25 while increasing the speed and duration of Sigils.

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