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Hallowed Peacemaker
Quest Giver
Cardinal Bourlamaque
Holy Mission
Quest Type
Main Quest
Previous Quest
Truth and Purpose
Next Quest
Well-Earned Rest

Hallowed Peacemaker is the final faction quest for The Holy Mission of Elatt in Outward, and seventh in the series of main quests.


There are two timers in this quest, related to different sections. After the Levantine Agents section, you have 30 days to make peace and stop the coup, and then 7 days to finish the quest from that point.


  1. Talk to Cardinal Bourlamaque, in Monsoon's Temple, in the Hallowed Marsh.
  2. Ask around Monsoon about Levant's agents arrested by Lockwell.
    • Talk to Lockwell's guard in his building, and either:
      • Tell him you are a Champion of Elatt and threaten him for the information
      • Bribe him with 50 SilverIcon.gif silver or more
  3. Rescue the agents from a cellar in a cluster of ruins, along the Pilgrim Road between Monsoon and the way to the Chersonese.
  4. Talk with Levant's agents in the cellar.
    • Levant's agents will give you a useful information for entering Levant later on.
  5. Talk to Cardinal Bourlamaque, in Monsoon's Temple.
  6. Give a Writ of Tribal Favor or a sum of silver to Rissa Aberdeen, in Berg.
    • Rissa Aberdeen can be found in her usual location in Berg, near the north-eastern entrance.
  7. Convince Sagard Battleborn, in Berg's inn, to oppose the war. You can either:
      • Give him a Tsar Stone, if you have one
      • Call in a favor from Purifier, if you handed the evidence to Sagard during the quest
      • Fight him - choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2 every time and defeat him.
  8. Give Horror Chitin, a Writ of Tribal Favor or a Coralhorn Bow to Gabriella Sullivan, in Berg. The temple in Enmerkar's south-west contains horrors.
  9. Go to the city of Levant, in the Abrassar Desert.
  10. Search around the city for someone with a way to enter Levant.
  11. On your way to Levant, enter the Hive Prison and get the Palace Passage Key from Zagis.
  12. Enter Levant using the Undercity Passage, just south of the city at the 'Ancient Ruins' marker.
    • In the passage, take an immediate right and you will come to a narrow hallway with a wooden trap bridge.
      • With enough movement speed bonus, it is possible to quickly run over the wooden trapdoor by sticking to the left side and rolling at the end.
      • Otherwise, you will need to intentionally fall down the trapdoor and fall into the room with Troglodytes. There are two levers in here which will allow you to leave. From the door out, head immediately to the right past a Chest and into Baron Montgomery's room on the right. There are another two levers in here, one of which activates the stone bridge.
    • If you do not yet have the Palace Passage Key, head up the stairs and use the red door to enter Levant. Head to the front of Heroes' Palace and speak to the head guard, either threaten him or bribe him for the key.
  13. Go in the Undercity Passage and through the Palace secret path.
    • In the bricked area of the Undercity Passage directly below Levant, one of the hallways is seemingly a dead end. However, if you interact with it while you have the Palace Passage Key, it will open and reveal the secret passage path.
    • Head through, past the aggressive bandits, and enter the Heroes' Palace.
  14. Talk to Yzan in Levant's Palace.
    • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 1, then Tex men talkIcon.png 3, then Tex men talkIcon.png 3 to convince Yzan to leave the coup.
  15. Kill Cyrene.
    • If you did not convince Yzan, you will have to fight him too.
  16. Talk with King Simeon.
    • King Simeon will offer you to put you in a convoy going to Monsoon.
    • If you killed Yzan and did not pick up his weapon, cancel the conversation and pick up his sword, then talk to Simeon again.
  17. Go to Monsoon's Temple, inside the Hallowed Marsh.
    • Head up the steps to the temple and begin negotiations with the leaders.
  18. Go to the altar in Monsoon's Temple.
    • Here, you will have to make a decision. You can choose whether or not to sacrifice yourself for Queen Calixa's ritual that will make her a Living Thought, just like Elatt.

If you choose NOT to sacrifice yourself::

  1. Protect Monsoon from the invading Scourge Beasts.
  2. Talk to Cardinal Bourlamaque, in Monsoon.

If you choose to sacrifice yourself::

  1. Destroy the Corruption in Calixa's soul.
    • Defeat the waves of weak Scourge beasts. Step on the glowing light to spawn the waves, and then again to be transported back to Monsoon.
    • You will gain the incurable Life Drain disease and Exalted skill.
  2. Talk to Cardinal Bourlamaque, in Monsoon.


If the player sacrificed themselves to save Calixa:

Depending on the player's progress in the entire Holy Mission questline:

  • Peacemaker Elixir
  • Tsar Stone (if you got enough "Perfect Success" outcomes)
    • Requires: complete Questions and Corruption before reaching the timer, free Oliele from Lockwell's prison in Doubts and Secrets before reaching the timer, successfully defeat the thugs at Flooded Cellar during Hallowed Peacemaker, solve Yzan's portion of this quest in time, and finish this quest within one week total.



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