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Hallowed Peacemaker
Quest Giver
Cardinal Bourlamaque
Holy Mission
Quest Type
Main Quest
Previous Quest
Truth and Purpose
Next Quest
Well-Earned Rest

Hallowed Peacemaker is the final faction quest for The Holy Mission of Elatt in Outward, and seventh in the series of main quests.


There are two timers in this quest, related to different sections. After the Levantine Agents section, you have 30 days to make peace and stop the coup, and then 7 days to finish the quest from that point.

Quest Summary[]

The war between the Blue Chamber and the Heroic Kingdom has continued while you have been dealing with the matters of the Holy Mission, and the Holy Mission's neutrality in the war is at risk. Elatt has demanded a cease-fire, to which most have obliged, however there are still some holding out on peace. Lockwell has been hiding some Levantine agents in an ancient ruin, and has been coordinating with Sagard Battleborn to torture them for information. You will need to help solve this issue while also helping to make peace between the Blue Chamber and the Heroic Kingdom.



The player interrogates one of Lockwell's guards for information.

Talk to Cardinal Bourlamaque, in Monsoon's Temple, in the Hallowed Marsh.

Speak to Cardinal Bourlamaque in Monsoon's temple. He tells us that Soeran discovered a pair of spies from Levant in the inn and took them into custody for questioning, but they've since gone missing.

He guesses that they must have been taken into the swamp, and urges us to find them before something happens to them.

[Optional] Ask around Monsoon about Levant's agents arrested by Lockwell.

Note: If you wish, you can skip ahead to "Levantine Agents", this section is not actually required.

Speak to Galira in the training area, and she will mention that "The agents from Levant, right? They were moved in the dead of night, I don't think anyone saw where they went. But I saw Damian Lockwell's bodyguard cleaning swamp stains off his armor the morning after. It could be coincidence, or it could be a connection.".

Head to Lockwell's building, and interrogate his guard in the back room. You can either threaten him if you are a Champion of the Holy Mission, otherwise you will need to bribe him with at least 50 SilverIcon.gif silver.

Either way, he tells you that the agents were taken to the Flooded Cellar, in the center of the Marsh near some ancient ruins.

Levantine Agents[]

The player frees the Levantine agents from the Flooded Cellar

Rescue the agents from a cellar in a cluster of ruins, along the Pilgrim Road between Monsoon and the way to the Chersonese.

Head to Flooded Cellar, and inside you will find several aggressive bandits. Dying to these bandits will result in negative outcomes at the end of this quest, so take care and make sure you defeat them all. There are more bandits down below the main area as well.

Talk with Levant's agents in the cellar.

After all the bandits are defeated, pull the lever to open the cells and speak to the Levantine agents. They will thank you, and give you a hint about Levant (that the Undercity Passage can be accessed from outside the city, south of Levant).

Talk to Cardinal Bourlamaque, in Monsoon's temple.

Return to Cardinal Bourlamaque in Monsoon. He will now task you with approaching the Blue Chamber and convincing them to make peace with the Heroic Kingdom.

Making Peace[]

Speaking to Rissa Aberdeen in Berg.

Go to the city of Berg, inside the Enmerkar Forest.

Head to Berg in the Enmerkar Forest. In the city, speak to Rissa and ask her to make peace. She says "I wish I could promise we would be there. But Levant has burned and pillaged our land and towns, and the tribes have vowed revenge. To call off the war will require an enormous effort. I don't know how much I can do unless we compensate them well."

Rissa requests either 150 SilverIcon.gif silver or a Writ of Tribal Favor to convince the Chamberlords. Give her either of these to continue the quest.

Give Horror Chitin, a Tribal Favor or a Coralhorn Bow to Gabriella, in Berg. The temple in Enmerkar's south-west contains horrors.

To convince Gabriella, you will need to give her either a Horror Chitin, a Coralhorn Bow or a Writ of Tribal Favor. Hand her any of these items to convince her and continue the quest.

A duel with Sagard Battleborn.

Convince Sagard, in Berg's inn, to oppose the war.

Sagard Battleborn can be found in the Old Coin's Inn in Berg. Speak to him, and you have a few options:

  • Give him a Tsar Stone, if you have one
  • If you handed the evidence to him in Purifier, you can ask a favor
  • Otherwise you must goad Sagard into a duel and defeat him. Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2, then Tex men talkIcon.png 2.
    • If you defeat him, he will accept the peace negotiations.
    • If you are defeated, you will receive an 'Inn' defeat scenario, and several days will pass. You may try to fight Sagard again.

Stopping a Coup[]

The player finds some citizens of Levant at a makeshift shelter near the Oasis.

Go to the city of Levant, in the Abrassar Desert.

With Berg sorted, it is time to head to Abrassar. When you enter the desert, some of the citizens of Levant can be seen on your left, including Smooth, Suul, Jaimon, Styx and others. You can optionally speak to Smooth here for a tip, and also buy items from any of the Merchants should you need to.

Smooth says "Someone from the Holy Mission! Elatt be praised! There's a coup happening right now in Levant! Almost the entire army has taken control of the city and are besieging the Palace as we speak!".

The entrance to the Undercity Passage from Abrassar desert.

Enter Levant using the Undercity Passage, just south of the city.

On your way to Levant, you can enter the Hive Prison and speak to Zagis inside to get a free Palace Passage Key, saving a bit of time.

Head to Levant, and find that it is blocked off since Martial Law is in effect. Instead, head south of the city down the cliff to some ancient ruins below. Here, there is an entrance into Undercity Passage.

Undercity Passage[]

Head into Undercity Passage and immediately turn right. You will come to a narrow hallway with a wooden floor (unless you have already pulled the lever to extend the stone bridge beneath it).

If you have not done so already, in order to cross the wooden trap bridge you will need to:

  • You will need to intentionally fall down the trap bridge and fall into the room with Troglodytes.
  • There are two levers in here which will allow you to leave.
  • From the door out, head immediately to the right past a Chest and into Baron Montgomery's room on the right.
  • On your right in this room is a third lever, pull it.
  • The third lever opens a metal gate directly in front of you, behind which lies the fourth and final lever that extends the stone bridge.

Head back up to where the wooden floor trap was, and cross over the stone bridge and into the bricked area below Levant city.

The entrance to the secret Palace Passage in Undercity Passage.

Go in the Undercity Passage and through the Palace secret path. The Passage's entrance is a red door in the slums.

If you do not yet have the Palace Passage Key:

  • Head up the stairs to the red door which leads into Levant.
  • Leave the Slums, and go into the main Levant city area.
  • Head towards the Heroes' Palace and talk to the main guard blocking the way.
  • Either threaten him or offer him Rations.png 3 rations for the key.
  • Return to Undercity Passage via the red door in the west of the Slums.

With the key, open the secret Palace Passage at the end of a dead end hallway in the main bricked area and head through. There are two aggressive Bandits in here, but you can simply run past them if you want, and enter the Heroes' Palace.

Stopping a coup.

Talk to Yzan in Levant's palace.

Inside the Heroes' Palace, speak to Yzan. There are two paths here:

Option 1: Convince Yzan to leave the Coup:

  • Tex men talkIcon.png 1: "The Blue Chamber is willing to negotiate..."
  • Tex men talkIcon.png 3: "I won't let the blue Chamber take advantage of Levant..."
  • Tex men talkIcon.png 3: "You left Cierzo because of how they forced Roland's problems onto you..."

Note: If you mugged Yzan in Cierzo at the start of the story and have poor relations with him, you may not be able to convince him even with the right options.

Option 2: Do not convince Yzan:

  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2 every time to fail to convince Yzan.

After the conversation, combat will begin with Cyrene, and Yzan fighting with or against you depending on your choices. Defeat your opponents to continue.

Talk with King Simeon.

Speak to Simeon after the fight, and he tells you that Calixa has been shot with a poison bullet. A phantom of Elatt appears and offers to save her life if the Heroic Kingdom agrees to peace, and Simeon agrees.

Elatt asks us to come to Monsoon to help with saving Calixa. Simeon offers us a convoy to travel there immediately.

Saving a Queen[]

Saving a Queen in Monsoon's temple.

Go to Monsoon's Temple, inside the Hallowed Marsh.

In Monsoon, head up the steps to the temple where Cardinal Bourlamaque is. Walk forward to begin the peace negotiations.

At this point, you will receive a Peacemaker Elixir and possibly also a Tsar Stone depending on your progress in the entire Holy Mission questline.

Elatt asks us to head around to the altar in the temple, to see over the ritual to save Calixa.

Here, another two options diverge. You can either:

  1. Do not sacrifice yourself, and protect Monsoon from the invading Scourge beasts.
  2. Sacrifice yourself to obtain Exalted and Life Drain.

Option 1: Do NOT sacrifice yourself

  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 1 every time.
  • Head out of the temple and defeat all of the Scourge beasts.
  • There is a unique enemy, the Butcher of Men, who drops a unique item.

Option 2: Sacrifice Yourself

  • NOTE: You will receive an incurable disease called Life Drain which eventually reduces your maximum health by 90%.
    • Dying with Stage 3 Life Drain will cause you to die permanently and you cannot leave the In Between.
  • Choose option Tex men talkIcon.png 2 every time (where possible) and agree to sacrifice yourself.
  • In Calixa's soul, step on the glowing light trigger and defeat the weak Shell Horror beasts.
  • Step on the light a final time to return to Monsoon.

Finally, speak to Cardinal Bourlamaque to complete the quest.


If the player sacrificed themselves to save Calixa:

Depending on the player's progress in the entire Holy Mission questline:

  • Peacemaker Elixir
  • Tsar Stone (if you got enough "Perfect Success" outcomes)
    • Requires: complete Questions and Corruption before reaching the timer, free Oliele from Lockwell's prison in Doubts and Secrets before reaching the timer, successfully defeat the thugs at Flooded Cellar during Hallowed Peacemaker, solve Yzan's portion of this quest in time, and finish this quest within one week total.




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