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The Hallowed Marsh is a swampy, toxic region, filled with various Reptilian wildlife, Golems, and unique flora. The region is strongly associated with Decay Decay, and with the exception of the Light Mender's creations (Golden Minion / Specter), mostly all of the enemies in the Marsh are resistant to the element.

Pilgrim Road[]

The Pilgrim Road stretches all the way from Monsoon to Chersonese. It is marked with Sun Pillars, which guide travelers through the toxic Marsh to and from Monsoon.






Loot Containers:




Mana Stone Spire[]

Located in the center of the marsh directly south of the Reptilian Lair and east of the Ancient Ruins, the Mana Stone Spire is visible from afar jutting out of the marsh.

Notably, 3 Mana Stone veins and 4 Palladium veins may be mined here. North-west of the Mana Stone Spire, players can find 1 of the 3 Alpha Tuanosaurs in the Marsh, the other 2 being just outside and inside the Reptilian Lair.

Mushroom Patches[]

At several locations in the Marsh, the player may find large red and white mushrooms, signalling a cluster of mushroom colonies. Here they will find several (3+) Blood Mushrooms and Star Mushrooms.

Some of these locations include: