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Hackmanite is an item in Outward commonly used for Crafting.

Can be used as a bartering item, as it's buy and sell price is always the same.


Dark gem with intricate magical properties. Craftsmen in Levant can create wizardly robes from this material.



Used In[]

Tenebrous Armor.png
Tenebrous Armor
Master-Smith Tokuga
Tenebrous Boots.png
Tenebrous Boots
Master-Smith Tokuga
Tenebrous Helm.png
Tenebrous Helm
Master-Smith Tokuga
Tsar Axe.png
Tsar Axe
Plague Doctor
Tsar Claymore.png
Tsar Claymore
Plague Doctor
Tsar Greataxe.png
Tsar Greataxe
Plague Doctor
Tsar Greathammer.png
Tsar Greathammer
Plague Doctor
Tsar Halberd.png
Tsar Halberd
Plague Doctor
Tsar Mace.png
Tsar Mace
Plague Doctor
Tsar Shield.png
Tsar Shield
Plague Doctor
Tsar Spear.png
Tsar Spear
Plague Doctor
Tsar Sword.png
Tsar Sword
Plague Doctor

Acquired From[]

Gatherable Sources

Mana Stone Vein 133.3%
Cold Mana Stone Vein The Soroboreans 116.7%

Enemy Drops

Roland Argenson 1100%
Concealed Knight: ??? 344.5%
Gastrocin The Three Brothers 116.7%
Gargoyle The Three Brothers 1 - 29.9%
Jewelbird 18.3%

Quest Sources

Loot Container Sources

Calygrey Colosseum/Chest The Three Brothers 125%Calygrey Colosseum
Chest 125%Bandit Hideout, Caldera, Cierzo (Destroyed), Crumbling Loading Docks, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Oil Refinery, Old Sirocco, The Eldest Brother, The Grotto of Chalcedony, The Vault of Stone
Corpse 125%Scarlet Sanctuary
Hollowed Trunk 125%Caldera
Junk Pile 125%Antique Plateau
Ornate Chest 125%Abandoned Ziggurat, Abrassar, Ancient Hive, Bandits' Prison, Cabal of Wind Outpost, Cabal of Wind Temple, Caldera, Cierzo, Compromised Mana Transfer Station, Crumbling Loading Docks, Dark Ziggurat Interior, Dead Tree, Face of the Ancients, Forest Hives, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Ghost Pass, Mansion's Cellar, Myrmitaur's Haven, Oil Refinery, Ruined Warehouse, Sand Rose Cave, Scarlet Sanctuary, Spire of Light, Steam Bath Tunnels, The Eldest Brother, The Grotto of Chalcedony, The Slide, The Vault of Stone, Undercity Passage, Vigil Pylon, Ziggurat Passage
Scavenger's Corpse 125%Ark of the Exiled, Crumbling Loading Docks, Destroyed Test Chambers, Lost Golem Manufacturing Facility, Myrmitaur's Haven, Ruined Warehouse, Wendigo Lair
Adventurer's Corpse 1 - 25%Caldera
Calygrey Chest 1 - 25%Ark of the Exiled
Calygrey Colosseum/Chest The Three Brothers 1 - 25%Calygrey Colosseum

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