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Great Astral Potion
Great Astral Potion.png
Consumable Details
+100% of max Mana
Restores 20 Burnt Mana
Item Details
60 SilverIcon.gif
18 SilverIcon.gif
Object ID

Great Astral Potion is a Potion item in Outward.


Concoction which instantly restores mana and max mana.




Result Ingredients Station
Alchemy Kit

Alchemy Kit

Alchemy Kit

Acquired From[]

Merchant Sources

Tuan the Alchemist 1100%Levant
Pholiota/High Stock The Soroboreans 344.5%Abandoned Living Quarters, Ancient Foundry, Bandit Hideout, Compromised Mana Transfer Station, Crumbling Loading Docks, Destroyed Test Chambers, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Lost Golem Manufacturing Facility
Tamara the Smuggler 1 - 1536.1%Levant
Laine the Alchemist 1 - 531.7%Monsoon
Ryan Sullivan, Arcanist The Soroboreans 231.7%Harmattan
Robyn Garnet, Alchemist The Soroboreans 216.3%Harmattan
Patrick Arago, General Store The Three Brothers 312.7%New Sirocco

Enemy Drops

Pure Illuminator The Soroboreans 1 - 567.2%
Ash Giant Priest 1 - 547.2%
Giant Hunter The Three Brothers 1 - 547.2%
Friendly Immaculate 1 - 541%
Immaculate 1 - 541%
Immaculate Raider The Soroboreans 1 - 541%
Immaculate Warlock The Soroboreans 1 - 541%
Ash Giant 1 - 418.6%

Loot Container Sources

Adventurer’s Corpse 1 - 211.1%Caldera, Compromised Mana Transfer Station, Destroyed Test Chambers, Old Sirocco
Calygrey Chest 1 - 211.1%Steam Bath Tunnels
Calygrey Colosseum/Chest The Three Brothers 1 - 211.1%Calygrey Colosseum
Chest 1 - 211.1%Antique Plateau, Blue Chamber’s Conflux Path, Burnt Outpost, Cabal of Wind Temple, Caldera, Captain's Cabin, Crumbling Loading Docks, Destroyed Test Chambers, Enmerkar Forest, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Hallowed Marsh, Holy Mission’s Conflux Path, Immaculate’s Refuge, Lost Golem Manufacturing Facility, Mansion's Cellar, Necropolis, Old Sirocco, Ruined Outpost, The Tower of Regrets, The Vault of Stone
Corpse 1 - 211.1%Abrassar, Ark of the Exiled, Blood Mage Hideout, Caldera, Destroyed Test Chambers, Forgotten Research Laboratory, Hive Prison, Old Sirocco, Scarlet Sanctuary, The Eldest Brother, Trog Infiltration
Hollowed Trunk 1 - 211.1%Caldera
Hollowed Trunk 1 - 211.1%Antique Plateau, Hallowed Marsh, Reptilian Lair
Junk Pile 1 - 211.1%Abandoned Shed, Ancestor’s Resting Place, Antique Plateau, Caldera, Cierzo (Destroyed), Corrupted Tombs, Dark Ziggurat Interior, Dead Roots, Face of the Ancients, Hermit's House, Holy Mission’s Conflux Path, Necropolis, Oil Refinery, Reptilian Lair, Sand Rose Cave, Stone Titan Caves, Vigil Pylon, Worn Hunter's Cabin, Ziggurat Passage
Knight’s Corpse 1 - 211.1%Cabal of Wind Temple, Damp Hunter's Cabin
Looter’s Corpse 1 - 211.1%Voltaic Hatchery

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