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Gold Ingot
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Gold Ingot is an item in Outward used for easily transporting or storing wealth, instead of as Silver.

Description[edit | edit source]

Valuable metal ingot used to easily transport wealth. It has no practical use but every merchant will buy such ingots for the same fixed price.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Gold ingots are worth 100 silver both buying and selling, furthermore one gold ingot weighs only a tenth of the same amount of silver (e.g. you can carry 1000 equivalent silver with 10 gold ingots).

Having Gold ingots are useful for transporting money across regions.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Like gemstones, Gold Ingots are not affected by modified prices, for example at Levant or Vendavel Prison.

Acquired From[edit | edit source]

Merchant Sources

Agatha, Maiden of the Winds 3 - 4100%Hermit's House
Apprentice Ritualist The Three Brothers 3 - 5100%Ritualist’s hut
Brad Aberdeen, Chef The Three Brothers 3 - 5100%New Sirocco
Bradley Auteil, Armory The Soroboreans 3 - 5100%Harmattan
Cera Carillion, Weaponsmith The Soroboreans 5 - 8100%Harmattan
Chef Iasu 3100%Berg
Chef Tenno 4100%Levant
David Parks, Craftsman The Soroboreans 5 - 8100%Harmattan
Dolar The Three Brothers 6100%Giant’s Sauna
Engineer Orsten 4100%Levant

Enemy Drops

Concealed Knight: ??? 5100%

Loot Container Sources

Ornate Chest 1100%Forgotten Research Laboratory

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