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The Ornate Chest at the Gladiator's Arena can be opened for 2 Conqueror's Medal Conqueror's Medals.

Random Items 1

This drop table will be rolled 1 times.

Iron Sword.png Iron Sword (1)0.57%
Steel Sabre.png Steel Sabre (1)0.57%
Fang Sword.png Fang Sword (1)0.57%
Marble Sword.png Marble Sword (1)0.57%
Gold-Lich Sword.png Gold-Lich Sword (1)0.57%
Assassin Sword.png Assassin Sword (1)0.57%
Desert Khopesh.png Desert Khopesh (1)0.57%
Jade Scimitar.png Jade Scimitar (1)0.57%
Palladium Sword.png Palladium Sword (1)0.57%
Iron Axe.png Iron Axe (1)0.57%
Living Wood Axe.png Living Wood Axe (1)0.57%
Brutal Axe.png Brutal Axe (1)0.57%
Fang Axe.png Fang Axe (1)0.57%
Marble Axe.png Marble Axe (1)0.57%
Beast Golem Axe.png Beast Golem Axe (1)0.57%
Tuanosaur Axe.png Tuanosaur Axe (1)0.57%
Palladium Axe.png Palladium Axe (1)0.57%
Iron Mace.png Iron Mace (1)0.57%
Brutal Club.png Brutal Club (1)0.57%
Jade-Lich Mace.png Jade-Lich Mace (1)0.57%
Marble Morningstar.png Marble Morningstar (1)0.57%
Fang Club.png Fang Club (1)0.57%
Gold-Lich Mace.png Gold-Lich Mace (1)0.57%
Giant Iron Key.png Giant Iron Key (1)0.57%
Palladium Mace.png Palladium Mace (1)0.57%
Obsidian Mace.png Obsidian Mace (1)0.57%
Prayer Claymore.png Prayer Claymore (1)0.57%
Fang Greatsword.png Fang Greatsword (1)0.57%
Marble Claymore.png Marble Claymore (1)0.57%
Gold-Lich Claymore.png Gold-Lich Claymore (1)0.57%
Golem Rapier.png Golem Rapier (1)0.57%
Broken Golem Rapier.png Broken Golem Rapier (1)0.57%
Thorny Claymore.png Thorny Claymore (1)0.57%
Iron Claymore.png Iron Claymore (1)0.57%
Assassin Claymore.png Assassin Claymore (1)0.57%
Palladium Claymore.png Palladium Claymore (1)0.57%
Brutal Greataxe.png Brutal Greataxe (1)0.57%
Fang Greataxe.png Fang Greataxe (1)0.57%
Marble Greataxe.png Marble Greataxe (1)0.57%
Iron Greataxe.png Iron Greataxe (1)0.57%
Crescent Greataxe.png Crescent Greataxe (1)0.57%
Tuanosaur Greataxe.png Tuanosaur Greataxe (1)0.57%
Giantkind Greataxe.png Giantkind Greataxe (1)0.57%
Palladium Greataxe.png Palladium Greataxe (1)0.57%
Brutal Greatmace.png Brutal Greatmace (1)0.57%
Fang Greatclub.png Fang Greatclub (1)0.57%
Marble Greathammer.png Marble Greathammer (1)0.57%
Mantis Greatpick.png Mantis Greatpick (1)0.57%
Pyrite Greathammer.png Pyrite Greathammer (1)0.57%
Iron Greathammer.png Iron Greathammer (1)0.57%
Manticore Greatmace.png Manticore Greatmace (1)0.57%
Palladium Greathammer.png Palladium Greathammer (1)0.57%
Obsidian Greatmace.png Obsidian Greatmace (1)0.57%
Brutal Spear.png Brutal Spear (1)0.57%
Fang Trident.png Fang Trident (1)0.57%
Marble Spear.png Marble Spear (1)0.57%
Gold-Lich Spear.png Gold-Lich Spear (1)0.57%
Thorny Spear.png Thorny Spear (1)0.57%
Iron Spear.png Iron Spear (1)0.57%
Iron Spear.png Iron Spear (1)0.57%
Palladium Spear.png Palladium Spear (1)0.57%
Iron Halberd.png Iron Halberd (1)0.57%
Cleaver Halberd.png Cleaver Halberd (1)0.57%
Fang Halberd.png Fang Halberd (1)0.57%
Marble Halberd.png Marble Halberd (1)0.57%
Crescent Scythe.png Crescent Scythe (1)0.57%
Beast Golem Halberd.png Beast Golem Halberd (1)0.57%
Giantkind Halberd.png Giantkind Halberd (1)0.57%
Palladium Halberd.png Palladium Halberd (1)0.57%
Scholar's Staff.png Scholar's Staff (1)0.57%
Master's Staff.png Master's Staff (1)0.57%
Recurve Bow.png Recurve Bow (1)0.57%
Simple Bow.png Simple Bow (1)0.57%
War Bow.png War Bow (1)0.57%
Horror Bow.png Horror Bow (1)0.57%
Coralhorn Bow.png Coralhorn Bow (1)0.57%
Round Shield.png Round Shield (1)0.57%
Tower Shield.png Tower Shield (1)0.57%
Fang Shield.png Fang Shield (1)0.57%
Old Legion Shield.png Old Legion Shield (1)0.57%
Marble Shield.png Marble Shield (1)0.57%
Inner Marble Shield.png Inner Marble Shield (1)0.57%
Gold-Lich Shield.png Gold-Lich Shield (1)0.57%
Dragon Shield.png Dragon Shield (1)0.57%
Steel Shield.png Steel Shield (1)0.57%
Mushroom Shield.png Mushroom Shield (1)0.57%
Horror Shield.png Horror Shield (1)0.57%
Palladium Shield.png Palladium Shield (1)0.57%
Damascene Sword.png Damascene Sword (1)0.57%
Forged Glass Sword.png Forged Glass Sword (1)0.57%
Obsidian Sword.png Obsidian Sword (1)0.57%
Militia Sword.png Militia Sword (1)0.57%
Obsidian Axe.png Obsidian Axe (1)0.57%
Damascene Axe.png Damascene Axe (1)0.57%
Forged Glass Axe.png Forged Glass Axe (1)0.57%
Obsidian Axe.png Obsidian Axe (1)0.57%
Smoke Axe.png Smoke Axe (1)0.57%
Militia Axe.png Militia Axe (1)0.57%
Smoke Sword.png Smoke Sword (1)0.57%
Damascene Mace.png Damascene Mace (1)0.57%
Forged Glass Mace.png Forged Glass Mace (1)0.57%
Smoke Mace.png Smoke Mace (1)0.57%
Militia Mace.png Militia Mace (1)0.57%
Calygrey Mace.png Calygrey Mace (1)0.57%
Damascene Claymore.png Damascene Claymore (1)0.57%
Forged Glass Claymore.png Forged Glass Claymore (1)0.57%
Obsidian Claymore.png Obsidian Claymore (1)0.57%
Smoke Claymore.png Smoke Claymore (1)0.57%
Militia Claymore.png Militia Claymore (1)0.57%
Damascene Greataxe.png Damascene Greataxe (1)0.57%
Forged Glass Greataxe.png Forged Glass Greataxe (1)0.57%
Obsidian Greataxe.png Obsidian Greataxe (1)0.57%
Smoke Greataxe.png Smoke Greataxe (1)0.57%
Militia Greataxe.png Militia Greataxe (1)0.57%
Damascene Hammer.png Damascene Hammer (1)0.57%
Forged Glass Greatmace.png Forged Glass Greatmace (1)0.57%
Smoke Hammer.png Smoke Hammer (1)0.57%
Militia Hammer.png Militia Hammer (1)0.57%
Damascene Spear.png Damascene Spear (1)0.57%
Forged Glass Spear.png Forged Glass Spear (1)0.57%
Obsidian Spear.png Obsidian Spear (1)0.57%
Smoke Spear.png Smoke Spear (1)0.57%
Militia Spear.png Militia Spear (1)0.57%
Damascene Halberd.png Damascene Halberd (1)0.57%
Forged Glass Halberd.png Forged Glass Halberd (1)0.57%
Obsidian Halberd.png Obsidian Halberd (1)0.57%
Smoke Halberd.png Smoke Halberd (1)0.57%
Militia Halberd.png Militia Halberd (1)0.57%
Calygrey Staff.png Calygrey Staff (1)0.57%
Forged Glass Bow.png Forged Glass Bow (1)0.57%
Damascene Bow.png Damascene Bow (1)0.57%
Smoke Bow.png Smoke Bow (1)0.57%
Militia Bow.png Militia Bow (1)0.57%
Forged Glass Shield.png Forged Glass Shield (1)0.57%
Smoke Shield.png Smoke Shield (1)0.57%
Militia Shield.png Militia Shield (1)0.57%
Wolf Sword.png Wolf Sword (1)0.57%
Wolf Claymore.png Wolf Claymore (1)0.57%
Wolf Greataxe.png Wolf Greataxe (1)0.57%
Wolf Greathammer.png Wolf Greathammer (1)0.57%
Wolf Shield.png Wolf Shield (1)0.57%
Horror Axe.png Horror Axe (1)0.57%
Ice-Flame Torch.png Ice-Flame Torch (1)0.57%
Coil Lantern.png Coil Lantern (1)0.57%
Rondel Dagger.png Rondel Dagger (1)0.57%
Broad Dagger.png Broad Dagger (1)0.57%
Manticore Dagger.png Manticore Dagger (1)0.57%
Chakram.png Chakram (1)0.57%
Ornate Chakram.png Ornate Chakram (1)0.57%
Kazite Chakram.png Kazite Chakram (1)0.57%
Thorn Chakram.png Thorn Chakram (1)0.57%
Flintlock Pistol.png Flintlock Pistol (1)0.57%
Cannon Pistol.png Cannon Pistol (1)0.57%
Ornate Pistol.png Ornate Pistol (1)0.57%
Bone Pistol.png Bone Pistol (1)0.57%
Obsidian Pistol.png Obsidian Pistol (1)0.57%
Chalcedony Sword.png Chalcedony Sword (1)0.57%
Chalcedony Axe.png Chalcedony Axe (1)0.57%
Chalcedony Mace.png Chalcedony Mace (1)0.57%
Chalcedony Claymore.png Chalcedony Claymore (1)0.57%
Chalcedony Greataxe.png Chalcedony Greataxe (1)0.57%
Chalcedony Hammer.png Chalcedony Hammer (1)0.57%
Chalcedony Spear.png Chalcedony Spear (1)0.57%
Chalcedony Halberd.png Chalcedony Halberd (1)0.57%
Chalcedony Pistol.png Chalcedony Pistol (1)0.57%
Forged Glass Dagger.png Forged Glass Dagger (1)0.57%
Smoke Dagger.png Smoke Dagger (1)0.57%
Militia Dagger.png Militia Dagger (1)0.57%
Smoke Chakram.png Smoke Chakram (1)0.57%
Forged Glass Chakram.png Forged Glass Chakram (1)0.57%
Militia Chakram.png Militia Chakram (1)0.57%
Forged Glass Pistol.png Forged Glass Pistol (1)0.57%
Smoke Pistol.png Smoke Pistol (1)0.57%
Militia Pistol.png Militia Pistol (1)0.57%
Old Legion Gladius.png Old Legion Gladius (1)0.57%

Random Items 2

This drop table will be rolled 1 times.

Trader Garb.png Trader Garb (1)0.76%
Straw Hat.png Straw Hat (1)0.76%
Trader Boots.png Trader Boots (1)0.76%
Padded Armor.png Padded Armor (1)0.76%
Padded Helm.png Padded Helm (1)0.76%
Padded Boots.png Padded Boots (1)0.76%
Adventurer Armor.png Adventurer Armor (1)0.76%
Adventurer's Helm.png Adventurer's Helm (1)0.76%
Adventurer Boots.png Adventurer Boots (1)0.76%
Scavenger Coat.png Scavenger Coat (1)0.76%
Scavenger Mask.png Scavenger Mask (1)0.76%
Scavenger Boots.png Scavenger Boots (1)0.76%
Jade Acolyte Robes.png Jade Acolyte Robes (1)0.76%
Jade Acolyte Cowl.png Jade Acolyte Cowl (1)0.76%
Jade Acolyte Boots.png Jade Acolyte Boots (1)0.76%
White Priest Robes.png White Priest Robes (1)0.76%
White Priest Mitre.png White Priest Mitre (1)0.76%
White Priest Boots.png White Priest Boots (1)0.76%
Novice Robe.png Novice Robe (1)0.76%
Novice Hat.png Novice Hat (1)0.76%
Red Festive Attire.png Red Festive Attire (1)0.76%
Red Festive Hat.png Red Festive Hat (1)0.76%
Coralhorn Mask.png Coralhorn Mask (1)0.76%
Scarab Mask.png Scarab Mask (1)0.76%
Tuanosaur Mask.png Tuanosaur Mask (1)0.76%
Hound Mask.png Hound Mask (1)0.76%
Entomber Armor.png Entomber Armor (1)0.76%
Entomber Hat.png Entomber Hat (1)0.76%
Entomber Boots.png Entomber Boots (1)0.76%
Bright Nobleman Attire.png Bright Nobleman Attire (1)0.76%
Dark Nobleman Hat.png Dark Nobleman Hat (1)0.76%
Bright Nobleman Boots.png Bright Nobleman Boots (1)0.76%
Bright Rich Attire.png Bright Rich Attire (1)0.76%
Bright Rich Hat.png Bright Rich Hat (1)0.76%
Tenebrous Armor.png Tenebrous Armor (1)0.76%
Tenebrous Helm.png Tenebrous Helm (1)0.76%
Tenebrous Boots.png Tenebrous Boots (1)0.76%
Copal Armor.png Copal Armor (1)0.76%
Copal Helm.png Copal Helm (1)0.76%
Copal Boots.png Copal Boots (1)0.76%
Purple Dancer Clothes.png Purple Dancer Clothes (1)0.76%
Dancer Mask.png Dancer Mask (1)0.76%
Dancer Leggings.png Dancer Leggings (1)0.76%
Scholar Attire.png Scholar Attire (1)0.76%
Scholar Circlet.png Scholar Circlet (1)0.76%
Scholar Boots.png Scholar Boots (1)0.76%
Desert Tunic.png Desert Tunic (1)0.76%
Chitin Desert Tunic.png Chitin Desert Tunic (1)0.76%
Elite Desert Tunic.png Elite Desert Tunic (1)0.76%
Desert Veil.png Desert Veil (1)0.76%
Elite Desert Veil.png Elite Desert Veil (1)0.76%
Desert Boots.png Desert Boots (1)0.76%
Ash Armor.png Ash Armor (1)0.76%
Ash-Filter Mask.png Ash-Filter Mask (1)0.76%
Ash Boots.png Ash Boots (1)0.76%
Pathfinder Armor.png Pathfinder Armor (1)0.76%
Pathfinder Mask.png Pathfinder Mask (1)0.76%
Pathfinder Boots.png Pathfinder Boots (1)0.76%
Master Trader Garb.png Master Trader Garb (1)0.76%
Master Trader Hat.png Master Trader Hat (1)0.76%
Master Trader Boots.png Master Trader Boots (1)0.76%
Fur Armor.png Fur Armor (1)0.76%
Fur Helm.png Fur Helm (1)0.76%
Fur Boots.png Fur Boots (1)0.76%
Pearlbird Mask.png Pearlbird Mask (1)0.76%
Arcane Robe.png Arcane Robe (1)0.76%
Arcane Hood.png Arcane Hood (1)0.76%
Clansage Robe.png Clansage Robe (1)0.76%
Makeshift Leather Attire.png Makeshift Leather Attire (1)0.76%
Makeshift Leather Hat.png Makeshift Leather Hat (1)0.76%
Makeshift Leather Boots.png Makeshift Leather Boots (1)0.76%
Scaled Leather Attire.png Scaled Leather Attire (1)0.76%
Scaled Leather Hat.png Scaled Leather Hat (1)0.76%
Scaled Leather Boots.png Scaled Leather Boots (1)0.76%
Wide Blue Hat.png Wide Blue Hat (1)0.76%
Wide Black Hat.png Wide Black Hat (1)0.76%
Elite Plate Armor.png Elite Plate Armor (1)0.76%
Elite Plate Helm.png Elite Plate Helm (1)0.76%
Elite Plate Boots.png Elite Plate Boots (1)0.76%
Plate Armor.png Plate Armor (1)0.76%
Plate Helm.png Plate Helm (1)0.76%
Plate Boots.png Plate Boots (1)0.76%
Halfplate Armor.png Halfplate Armor (1)0.76%
Halfplate Helm.png Halfplate Helm (1)0.76%
Halfplate Boots.png Halfplate Boots (1)0.76%
Wolf Plate Armor.png Wolf Plate Armor (1)0.76%
Wolf Plate Helm.png Wolf Plate Helm (1)0.76%
Wolf Plate Boots.png Wolf Plate Boots (1)0.76%
Petrified Wood Armor.png Petrified Wood Armor (1)0.76%
Petrified Wood Helm.png Petrified Wood Helm (1)0.76%
Petrified Wood Boots.png Petrified Wood Boots (1)0.76%
Palladium Armor.png Palladium Armor (1)0.76%
Palladium Helm.png Palladium Helm (1)0.76%
Palladium Boots.png Palladium Boots (1)0.76%
Kintsugi Armor.png Kintsugi Armor (1)0.76%
Kintsugi Helm.png Kintsugi Helm (1)0.76%
Kintsugi Boots.png Kintsugi Boots (1)0.76%
Blue Sand Armor.png Blue Sand Armor (1)0.76%
Blue Sand Helm.png Blue Sand Helm (1)0.76%
Blue Sand Boots.png Blue Sand Boots (1)0.76%
Black Plate Armor.png Black Plate Armor (1)0.76%
Black Plate Helm.png Black Plate Helm (1)0.76%
Black Plate Boots.png Black Plate Boots (1)0.76%
Silver Armor.png Silver Armor (1)0.76%
Silver Helm.png Silver Helm (1)0.76%
Silver Boots.png Silver Boots (1)0.76%
Kazite Armor.png Kazite Armor (1)0.76%
Kazite Mask.png Kazite Mask (1)0.76%
Kazite Boots.png Kazite Boots (1)0.76%
Runic Armor.png Runic Armor (1)0.76%
Runic Helm.png Runic Helm (1)0.76%
Runic Boots.png Runic Boots (1)0.76%
Ammolite Armor.png Ammolite Armor (1)0.76%
Ammolite Helm.png Ammolite Helm (1)0.76%
Ammolite Boots.png Ammolite Boots (1)0.76%
Slayer's Armor.png Slayer's Armor (1)0.76%
Slayer's Helmet.png Slayer's Helmet (1)0.76%
Slayer's Boots.png Slayer's Boots (1)0.76%
Miner Helmet.png Miner Helmet (1)0.76%
Miner Boots.png Miner Boots (1)0.76%
Noble Clothes.png Noble Clothes (1)0.76%
Noble Mask.png Noble Mask (1)0.76%
Noble Shoes.png Noble Shoes (1)0.76%
Barrier Armor.png Barrier Armor (1)0.76%
Barrier Helm.png Barrier Helm (1)0.76%
Barrier Boots.png Barrier Boots (1)0.76%
Caldera Mail Armor.png Caldera Mail Armor (1)0.76%
Caldera Mail Helm.png Caldera Mail Helm (1)0.76%
Caldera Mail Boots.png Caldera Mail Boots (1)0.76%
Militia Armor.png Militia Armor (1)0.76%
Militia Helm.png Militia Helm (1)0.76%
Militia Boots.png Militia Boots (1)0.76%

Random Items 3

This drop table will be rolled 1 times.

Life Potion.png Life Potion (1)1.89%
Astral Potion.png Astral Potion (1)1.89%
Endurance Potion.png Endurance Potion (1)1.89%
Gep's Drink.png Gep's Drink (1)1.89%
Rage Potion.png Rage Potion (1)1.89%
Discipline Potion.png Discipline Potion (1)1.89%
Warm Potion.png Warm Potion (1)1.89%
Cool Potion.png Cool Potion (1)1.89%
Mist Potion.png Mist Potion (1)1.89%
Blessed Potion.png Blessed Potion (1)1.89%
Antidote.png Antidote (1)1.89%
Possessed Potion.png Possessed Potion (1)1.89%
Stealth Potion.png Stealth Potion (1)1.89%
Elemental Resistance Potion.png Elemental Resistance Potion (1)1.89%
Elemental Immunity Potion.png Elemental Immunity Potion (1)1.89%
Weather Defense Potion.png Weather Defense Potion (1)1.89%
Stability Potion.png Stability Potion (1)1.89%
Assassin Elixir.png Assassin Elixir (1)1.89%
Hex Cleaner.png Hex Cleaner (1)1.89%
Stoneflesh Elixir.png Stoneflesh Elixir (1)1.89%
Warrior Elixir.png Warrior Elixir (1)1.89%
Survivor Elixir.png Survivor Elixir (1)1.89%
Golem Elixir.png Golem Elixir (1)1.89%
Great Life Potion.png Great Life Potion (1)1.89%
Great Astral Potion.png Great Astral Potion (1)1.89%
Great Endurance Potion.png Great Endurance Potion (1)1.89%
Panacea.png Panacea (1)1.89%
Sulphur Potion.png Sulphur Potion (1)1.89%
Bracing Potion.png Bracing Potion (1)1.89%
Shimmer Potion.png Shimmer Potion (1)1.89%
Mana Belly Potion.png Mana Belly Potion (1)1.89%
Marathon Potion.png Marathon Potion (1)1.89%
Barrier Potion.png Barrier Potion (1)1.89%
Frosted Powder.png Frosted Powder (1)1.89%
Bandages.png Bandages (1)1.89%
Poison Rag.png Poison Rag (1)1.89%
Poison Varnish.png Poison Varnish (1)1.89%
Bolt Rag.png Bolt Rag (1)1.89%
Bolt Varnish.png Bolt Varnish (1)1.89%
Fire Rag.png Fire Rag (1)1.89%
Fire Varnish.png Fire Varnish (1)1.89%
Ice Rag.png Ice Rag (1)1.89%
Ice Varnish.png Ice Varnish (1)1.89%
Spiritual Varnish.png Spiritual Varnish (1)1.89%
Dark Varnish.png Dark Varnish (1)1.89%
Oil Bomb.png Oil Bomb (1)1.89%
Fragment Bomb.png Fragment Bomb (1)1.89%
Fire Stone.png Fire Stone (1)1.89%
Cold Stone.png Cold Stone (1)1.89%
Charge – Nerve Gas.png Charge – Nerve Gas (1)1.89%
Charge – Toxic.png Charge – Toxic (1)1.89%
Charge – Incendiary.png Charge – Incendiary (1)1.89%
Spikes – Palladium.png Spikes – Palladium (1)1.89%

Random Items 4

This drop table will be rolled 1 times.

Cooked Meat.png Cooked Meat (1)1.33%
Cooked Alpha Meat.png Cooked Alpha Meat (1)1.33%
Jerky.png Jerky (1)1.33%
Alpha Jerky.png Alpha Jerky (1)1.33%
Alpha Sandwich.png Alpha Sandwich (1)1.33%
Gaberry Jam.png Gaberry Jam (1)1.33%
Grilled Salmon.png Grilled Salmon (1)1.33%
Bread.png Bread (1)1.33%
Cierzo Ceviche.png Cierzo Ceviche (1)1.33%
Pungent Paste.png Pungent Paste (1)1.33%
Meat Stew.png Meat Stew (1)1.33%
Ocean Fricassee.png Ocean Fricassee (1)1.33%
Luxe Lichette.png Luxe Lichette (1)1.33%
Dry Mushroom Bar.png Dry Mushroom Bar (1)1.33%
Turmmip Potage.png Turmmip Potage (1)1.33%
Pot-au-Feu du Pirate.png Pot-au-Feu du Pirate (1)1.33%
Miner's Omelet.png Miner's Omelet (1)1.33%
Cooked Larva Egg.png Cooked Larva Egg (1)1.33%
Cooked Bird Egg.png Cooked Bird Egg (1)1.33%
Gaberry Tartine.png Gaberry Tartine (1)1.33%
Boiled Gaberries.png Boiled Gaberries (1)1.33%
Boiled Turmmip.png Boiled Turmmip (1)1.33%
Grilled Mushroom.png Grilled Mushroom (1)1.33%
Cooked Jewel Meat.png Cooked Jewel Meat (1)1.33%
Boiled Miasmapod.png Boiled Miasmapod (1)1.33%
Grilled Marshmelon.png Grilled Marshmelon (1)1.33%
Boiled Cactus Fruit.png Boiled Cactus Fruit (1)1.33%
Ragoût du Marais.png Ragoût du Marais (1)1.33%
Savage Stew.png Savage Stew (1)1.33%
Marshmelon Jelly.png Marshmelon Jelly (1)1.33%
Marshmelon Tartine.png Marshmelon Tartine (1)1.33%
Seared Root.png Seared Root (1)1.33%
Grilled Woolshroom.png Grilled Woolshroom (1)1.33%
Toast.png Toast (1)1.33%
Diadème de Gibier.png Diadème de Gibier (1)1.33%
Spiny Meringue.png Spiny Meringue (1)1.33%
Cactus Pie.png Cactus Pie (1)1.33%
Bread Of The Wild.png Bread Of The Wild (1)1.33%
Fungal Cleanser.png Fungal Cleanser (1)1.33%
Stringy Salad.png Stringy Salad (1)1.33%
Poutine.png Poutine (1)1.33%
Boiled Azure Shrimp.png Boiled Azure Shrimp (1)1.33%
Travel Ration.png Travel Ration (1)1.33%
Roasted Krimp Nut.png Roasted Krimp Nut (1)1.33%
Grilled Crabeye Seed.png Grilled Crabeye Seed (1)1.33%
Bouillon du Predateur.png Bouillon du Predateur (1)1.33%
Gaberry Wine.png Gaberry Wine (1)1.33%
Popped Maize.png Popped Maize (1)1.33%
Baked Crescent.png Baked Crescent (1)1.33%
Golden Jam.png Golden Jam (1)1.33%
Golden Tartine.png Golden Tartine (1)1.33%
Grilled Pypherfish.png Grilled Pypherfish (1)1.33%
Grilled Torcrab Meat.png Grilled Torcrab Meat (1)1.33%
Torcrab Sandwich.png Torcrab Sandwich (1)1.33%
Battered Maize.png Battered Maize (1)1.33%
Cool Rainbow Jam.png Cool Rainbow Jam (1)1.33%
Frosted Crescent.png Frosted Crescent (1)1.33%
Frosted Maize.png Frosted Maize (1)1.33%
Torcrab Jerky.png Torcrab Jerky (1)1.33%
Cured Pypherfish.png Cured Pypherfish (1)1.33%
Maize Mash.png Maize Mash (1)1.33%
Frosted Delight.png Frosted Delight (1)1.33%
Vagabond's Gelatin.png Vagabond's Gelatin (1)1.33%
Vagabond's Tartine.png Vagabond's Tartine (1)1.33%
Cooked Torcrab Egg.png Cooked Torcrab Egg (1)1.33%
Rainbow Tartine.png Rainbow Tartine (1)1.33%
Bitter Spicy Tea.png Bitter Spicy Tea (1)1.33%
Soothing Tea.png Soothing Tea (1)1.33%
Needle Tea.png Needle Tea (1)1.33%
Mineral Tea.png Mineral Tea (1)1.33%
Able Tea.png Able Tea (1)1.33%
Iced Tea.png Iced Tea (1)1.33%
Greasy Tea.png Greasy Tea (1)1.33%
Boreo Blubber.png Boreo Blubber (1)1.33%
Salt.png Salt (1)1.33%

Random Items 5

This drop table will be rolled 1 times.

Ambraine.png Ambraine (1)1.52%
Ableroot.png Ableroot (1)1.52%
Crysocolla Beetle.png Crysocolla Beetle (1)1.52%
Funnel Beetle.png Funnel Beetle (1)1.52%
Sulphuric Mushroom.png Sulphuric Mushroom (1)1.52%
Calygrey Hairs.png Calygrey Hairs (1)1.52%
Myrm Tongue.png Myrm Tongue (1)1.52%
Dweller's Brain.png Dweller's Brain (1)1.52%
Gargoyle Urn Shard.png Gargoyle Urn Shard (1)1.52%
Peach Seeds.png Peach Seeds (1)1.52%
Boreo Tusk.png Boreo Tusk (1)1.52%
Waning Tentacle.png Waning Tentacle (1)1.52%
Nephrite Gemstone.png Nephrite Gemstone (1)1.52%
Short Handle.png Short Handle (1)1.52%
Long Handle.png Long Handle (1)1.52%
Trinket Handle.png Trinket Handle (1)1.52%
Shaft Handle.png Shaft Handle (1)1.52%
Blade Prism.png Blade Prism (1)1.52%
Blunt Prism.png Blunt Prism (1)1.52%
Flat Prism.png Flat Prism (1)1.52%
Spike Prism.png Spike Prism (1)1.52%
Firefly powder.png Firefly powder (1)1.52%
Greasy Fern.png Greasy Fern (1)1.52%
Livweedi.png Livweedi (1)1.52%
Ghost's Eye.png Ghost's Eye (1)1.52%
Seaweed.png Seaweed (1)1.52%
Tiny Aquamarine.png Tiny Aquamarine (1)1.52%
Large Emerald.png Large Emerald (1)1.52%
Small Sapphire.png Small Sapphire (1)1.52%
Medium Ruby.png Medium Ruby (1)1.52%
Hackmanite.png Hackmanite (1)1.52%
Power Coil.png Power Coil (1)1.52%
Palladium Scrap.png Palladium Scrap (1)1.52%
Petrified Wood.png Petrified Wood (1)1.52%
Blue Sand.png Blue Sand (1)1.52%
Mana Stone.png Mana Stone (1)1.52%
Iron Scrap.png Iron Scrap (1)1.52%
Chalcedony.png Chalcedony (1)1.52%
Hexa Stone.png Hexa Stone (1)1.52%
Hide.png Hide (1)1.52%
Scaled Leather.png Scaled Leather (1)1.52%
Crystal Powder.png Crystal Powder (1)1.52%
Predator Bones.png Predator Bones (1)1.52%
Coralhorn Antler.png Coralhorn Antler (1)1.52%
Thick Oil.png Thick Oil (1)1.52%
Insect Husk.png Insect Husk (1)1.52%
Mantis Granite.png Mantis Granite (1)1.52%
Occult Remains.png Occult Remains (1)1.52%
Horror Chitin.png Horror Chitin (1)1.52%
Beast Golem Scraps.png Beast Golem Scraps (1)1.52%
Thorny Cartilage.png Thorny Cartilage (1)1.52%
Manticore Tail.png Manticore Tail (1)1.52%
Shark Cartilage.png Shark Cartilage (1)1.52%
Alpha Tuanosaur Tail.png Alpha Tuanosaur Tail (1)1.52%
Obsidian Shard.png Obsidian Shard (1)1.52%
Gold-Lich Mechanism.png Gold-Lich Mechanism (1)1.52%
Gep's Generosity.png Gep's Generosity (1)1.52%
Pearlbird's Courage.png Pearlbird's Courage (1)1.52%
Elatt's Relic.png Elatt's Relic (1)1.52%
Scourge's Tears.png Scourge's Tears (1)1.52%
Haunted Memory.png Haunted Memory (1)1.52%
Calixa's Relic.png Calixa's Relic (1)1.52%
Leyline Figment.png Leyline Figment (1)1.52%
Vendavel's Hospitality.png Vendavel's Hospitality (1)1.52%
Ochre Spice Beetle.png Ochre Spice Beetle (1)1.52%
Gravel Beetle.png Gravel Beetle (1)1.52%