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Ghost of Vanasse
Ghost of Vanasse - GhostOfVanasse.png
Enemy Data
Undead (Ghost)
Defensive Stats
75 Health
Damage Resistance:
  • 80 Physical  
  • -100 Ethereal  
Immune To
Attack Stats
Weapon Damage
15 Ethereal
50 Impact.png
Found At

Ghost of Vanasse is a Unique type of Undead enemy in Outward.


Vanasse's grave.

Ghost of Vanasse was known during their life as Vanasse the Lawbringer. Their grave stone can be found in the Chersonese graveyard beyond Ghost Pass, east of the entrance to Corrupted Tombs, near a Ghost Plant and small ruined building.

In order to interact with Vanasse's grave, you will need a Gaberry Wine in your inventory. Interacting with the grave with a Wine in your inventory will give you three options:

  • Tex men talkIcon.png 1: "Drink" your wine, and receive 1 Tsar Stone
  • Tex men talkIcon.png 2: "Pour" your wine, which does nothing (wastes the wine)
  • Tex men talkIcon.png 3: "Coat" your weapon, which will begin combat with the Ghost of Vanasse. Vanasse will drop the Tsar Stone on death as well.

Note: Players should be careful fighting him next to a gravestone, as it is possible that he can fly on top of the gravestone and become impossible to loot. If using Traps, place it away from the gravestones and lure him over.

After either drinking your Wine to acquire the stone or defeating Vanasse in combat, you will no longer be able to interact with the grave again. If you attempt to do so again you will just "pay your respects and move on".

Combat & Tactics[]

While he may look intimidating, he has quite low health, and like other Ghosts he is vulnerable to Ethereal Ethereal damage.

Undead creatures are immune to Bleeding status effects, however he is not immune to Poison.


Ghost of Vanasse has knowledge of one skill:

  • A short-range blast, which deals 35 Ethereal damage and inflicts Haunted. This also restores 50 Health HP to the Ghost.

Drop Table[]

Guaranteed Drops

Tsar Stone.png Tsar Stone (1)

Drop Table 1
This drop table will be rolled 1 times.

Empty drop75%
Ghost's Eye.png Ghost's Eye (1)25%


  • On launch, there was a bug which allowed players to fight this enemy multiple times. As of the patch in May 2019[1], attempting to fight the Ghost again (or any other action with the grave stone) will only result in the text "You pay your respects and move on."
  • Vanasse was male, according to the tombstone above his grave. However, Whispering Bones, the Lich, refers to them as female.


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