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A player gathers from a Crabeye

Gathering is a basic activity, by which the player receives items from natural resources. Gatherables are commonly used in Cooking, Crafting and Alchemy, though they can have other uses too.


For most Gatherables, the player simply has to interact with the object by holding down their "Interact" button for a few seconds. Mining and Fishing, however, require the player to have specific tools in order to interact.

Most Gatherables will reset after 3 days. Fishing Spots will reset after 1 day.

Fishing and Mining[]

Fishing and Mining are two sub-categories of Gathering, which both require specific tools.

See the main articles for more information.

Basic Gathering[]

Basic gathering does not require any tools.

Plants / Vegetables:




Gathering water requires a Waterskin.

The Soroboreans[]

These gatherables are exclusive to The Soroboreans The Soroboreans DLC:

The Three Brothers[]

These gatherables are exclusive to The Three Brothers The Three Brothers DLC:

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