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Friendly Immaculate
Friendly Immaculate.png
NPC Data
Immaculate's Camp
Possessed (skill)
Combat Details
775 Health
Damage Types
22.5 Physical 7.5 Decay
Impact Dmg
75 Impact.png
Impact Res.
50 Impact.png
Damage Res.
20 Physical -50 Lightning

The Friendly Immaculate is an Immaculate, a type of Scourge, NPC and potential enemy in Outward. They can be found in each region, inside Immaculate's Camps. When interacted with, they simply have the name "Immaculate".

Members of the Holy Mission will find that the Immaculate will be immediately hostile to them upon entering its cave. Killing the Immaculate will prevent it from spawning in other locations.

Entering the Unknown Arena in the Cabal of Wind Temple will also prevent it showing up in the camps.


The Friendly Immaculate offers various gifts to the player whenever they encounter it.

  • You can choose one gift per location.
  • Each option can only be chosen once, regardless of location.
  • To receive the Dreamer Halberd, you cannot accept more than 2 gifts before meeting him the fourth time, but which gifts you choose does not matter and only gifts from the base game regions count. Note that if you only accept 1 gift before the fourth meeting, you will not be able to choose a 2nd gift, as the Dreamer Halberd dialog takes priority.


  1. "I need shelter."
  2. "I need equipment."
  3. "I need storage."
  4. "I need power."
    1. "Teach it to me, please."
    2. "No thanks."
  5. I'm fine, you probably need it more than I do."

If you accept 2 or less gifts and find the Immaculate in the four base-game regions, you will receive the Dreamer Halberd.

Exclusive to The Soroboreans DLC:

Exclusive to The Three Brothers DLC:

Skills Taught[]

Combat & Tactics[]

Friendly Immaculate is vulnerable to Lightning damage.


Friendly Immaculate has knowledge of one skill:

  • A quick double attack

Drop Table[]

Guaranteed Items

Thorny Cartilage.png Thorny Cartilage (1)

Drop Table 1
This drop table will be rolled 5 times.

ItemsChance *
Star Mushroom.png Star Mushroom (1)10% (41%)
Blood Mushroom.png Blood Mushroom (1)10% (41%)
Large Emerald.png Large Emerald (1)10% (41%)
Occult Remains.png Occult Remains (1)10% (41%)
Fire Varnish.png Fire Varnish (1)10% (41%)
Ice Varnish.png Ice Varnish (1)10% (41%)
Spiritual Varnish.png Spiritual Varnish (1)10% (41%)
Great Life Potion.png Great Life Potion (1)10% (41%)
Great Astral Potion.png Great Astral Potion (1)10% (41%)
Great Endurance Potion.png Great Endurance Potion (1)10% (41%)

* The second number indicates the total chance of receiving the drop at least once, from 5 rolls.


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