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Forge Master
Rust Lich.png
NPC Data
Sorobor Academy (former)
Forgotten Research Laboratory
The Forge Master
Rust Lich.png
Enemy Data
Defensive Stats
850 Health
Impact Res.
7000 Impact.png
Damage Resistance:
  • 40 Physical  
  • -40 Ethereal  
  • 40 Decay  
  • -20 Lightning  
  • 20 Frost  
  • 40 Fire   
Immune To
97 Impact.png
Found At
Forgotten Research Laboratory

Forge Master is a Lich boss found at the Forgotten Research Laboratory in Antique Plateau. Involved in the Rust and Vengeance quest.


The fight with the Forge Master involves several Molten Forge Golems (with 110 Health Health), which the Rust Lich will periodically resurrect. While the Forge Golems are alive, the Forge Master will be protected by an impenetrable shield, and cannot be damaged. Once all Forge Golems are defeated, you are given a few seconds to damage the Lich, after which he will resurrect the Golems again and you will need to repeat the process.

General Tips[]

  • The Forge Master is only vulnerable for a few seconds after the minions are defeated, so attack him quickly!
  • Focus on wiping the golems first one by one and leave at least 1 of the golem alive as an opening for recuperation so you can heal and reapply buffs. However careful using this method as if you let the last Golem live for too long, the Forge Master will revive all other Golems in the room.
  • The golems will always use the same type of attack in unison
  • The golems and the lich will never attack at the same time, they both will take turns in doing their moves.


Drop Table[]

Guaranteed Drops

Rust Lich Armor.png Rust Lich Armor (1)
Rust Lich Boots.png Rust Lich Boots (1)
Rust Lich Helmet.png Rust Lich Helmet (1)


A noble man once known as Lord Duvaney from a prestigious house in Harmattan, and a member of the council.

During the initial attack from the Scourge, Lord Duvaney along with others devised a plan to fight back using Golems. These Golems were controlled by humans through a process involving "Raw Mana Intake" directly into the puppeteer (the human).

According to notes found at Abandoned Living Quarters, this process invariably killed the puppeteer after a few sessions of controlling the Golem:

I understand that we need total control, and that the old command methods won't hold up. But we don't have enough people to keep throwing into that meat grinder. We can't keep grabbing people from the Lower Habitation district, it's not sustainable!

Please, I beg of you. Listen to Lord Duvernay’s idea about making someone who CAN handle the command mechanism long term...I know it seems like a long shot, but it's the best shot we have. I’ll even volunteer if I have to!

Lord Duvaney had the idea of "making someone who CAN handle the command mechanism long term", in other words creating a Lich.

After several failed experiments using focal points of Mana Stones and Golem Gearboxes, the decision was made to use Lord Duvaney himself for the experiment. This is likely due to Duvaney's attitude towards those who stayed loyal and helped him.

Lord Duvernay flew into a rage at our failures, threatening to use US in the next ritual if we don’t turn out results. Winds-damned idiot. I don’t care if he’s the only noble who didn’t abandon the city, Harmattan would be better off without that fool.

In fact, if he’s so insistent on turning someone into a Lich, he should be the next “volunteer”!

Attempt 6: Focal Point – Golem Gearbox, Success! Who knew that Lord Duvernay had it in him! Then again, the self-righteous bastard is now an immortal, magically imbued creature with full control over our Golem army. This may not be an improvement.

Though the experiment on Lord Duvaney was a success, he is enraged by the fact his workers turned on him and swears his revenge on them, along with the rest of the Sorobor Academy.

Having successfully saved the Antique Plateau from the Scourge threat with his Golem army, the Forge Master lays in wait for decades until the perfect time to strike (see Rust and Vengeance).


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