Forest Hives
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Location Details
Enmerkar Forest
Marked Name
Colossal Hive
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The Forest Hives is a large dungeon and area in Outward located in south-eastern Enmerkar Forest, with multiple entrances.

It is marked on the map twice as "Colossal Hive". The northern maker is in-between the two main entrances to the dungeon, and the southern marker indicates the large external area which is only accessible by passing through the hives. At the northern entrance, the player can find another small dungeon - the Hive's Trap - slightly to the north.


There are technically two exterior parts of the Forest Hives. The western side, which contains several Walking Hive and Hive Lord enemies, as well as the two main entrances to the Hives.

The large external area on the eastern side can only be accessed by passing through the Hives dungeon, and exiting the cave at the back of the dungeon, at the top of a path leading upwards.

In this large external area, there is only one enemy, the powerful Toxic Hive Lord who drops the unique Worldedge Greataxe, as well as an Ornate Chest and some gatherables.



Forest Hives interior.png
A view of Forest Hives interior
There are two entrances to the interior portion of the Hives - one north of the northern-most "Colossal Hive" marker on the map, and another south of it. Both lead into the same general area.



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