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Flase, Sage Trainer
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The Blue Chamber Collective
Rune Sage

Flase, Sage Trainer is a Teacher.png teacher of Rune Sage skills in Berg, city in Enmerkar Forest.


Flase is the Rune Magic trainer, and can be found near the Blue Chamber.

Skills Taught[]


Can you teach me the basics of rune combination?

Runes are a highly flexible form of magic, and experimentation will be necessary. For beginners, a lexicon is required to be held in the caster's off-hand, as each rune has a multitude of meanings depending on their context. Runes typically linger upon the caster after they're invoked. In order to create a tangible effect, one must cast a combination of runes in a set order. if a combination isn't valid, nothing will happen. A simple spell is the Runic Blade, which forms a sword of pure mana that is naturally imbued with the Ethereal power. First, you must cast the shim rune, followed by the Egoth rune. Dropping the weapon will cause it to return to nothingness. for those who are part of a prominent family that has earned my trust, like the Aberdeens and the Sutherlands, I can offer to teach you how to internalize the lexicon so that you no longer need one to cast rune spells.

Can you teach me how to do advanced rune combinations?

Very well, now that you understand the fundamentals of advance runes, I can teach you how to put them into practice. some runes combinations are effective only after another rune combination has been activated. For example, once you have cast a runic Trap spell and it lies ready on the floor, perform "shim" then "shim" again to create a runic blast that will detonate around you. Nearby foes will be harmed, but you won't! It's a useful spell if your enemy evades your trap and is bearing down on you. very few foes expect such a trick from a mage. many more combinations like this exist with other runic spells, and only through thoughtful experimentation can one reveal them.

I'm having trouble understanding how to make combinations, is there a shortcut you can teach me?

Ahh...It goes against my every teaching, but i suppose I can teach you one dirty little trick, on one of two conditions. I crave Diademe de Gibier. It's been years since I've had a bite of that exquisite desert dish...Bring me some Diademe de Gibier and I'll teach you that little trick. Or, I suppose if the collective owes you a tribal favor, I can make an exception to my rules and teach you.

If the player gives Flase a Diademe de Gibier:

Ahhh, Diademe de Gibier! it's been so incredibly long! Alright, you've twisted my arm. Listen well, then. Mages came to the conclusion that each of the four runes are spells that are only useful when building runic combinations. While crude and incorrect in some edge cases, it is a valid approach. These broad categories by runes are: Dez meaning "defense", Shim meaning "Offense", Egoth standing for "Self" and Fal meaning "Hidden". Never forget that the order in which you cast these runes is important. you may find the proper combination of runes, but fail to cast a spell because you cast the runes in the wrong order.


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