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Eto Akiyuki
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Eto Akiyuki is a Teacher.png teacher of Kazite Spellblade skills in Cierzo, city in Chersonese, and a member of The Kazite. He can be found on the upper area of the Cierzo docks, next to Oda.


Eto is the nephew of Rospa. The two of them, along with Oda, arrived in the Chersonese some years ago, following the destruction of their homeland. Rospa planned an attack on the city, and sent Eto to infiltrate it. Eto betrayed Rospa and instead embraced the Blue Chamber's way of life, resulting in Rospa's attack failing.

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Nine Dots writer Aegix Drakan provided the following information in the Outward discord regarding Eto's backstory:

When the Kazites were forced to flee their islands and many came to the Aurai mainland, a great deal of them integrated into the tribes, or formed their own. However, many of the more traditionalist ones felt their culture clashed way too much with the society of the Blue Chamber or went rogue for other reasons (profit, etc). Rospa, Eto's uncle, was one of those people.

Eto's uncle sent him to live in Cierzo, hoping he would be able to gather intel on them, so that if he ever wanted to invade in the future, he'd have an inside man who knew the weaknesses in the town's defense.

Eto, however, bonded very quickly to Cierzo, so when Rospa eventually decided, years later, "Hey, pickings are lean this season, now's a good time to attack Cierzo", Eto not only gave him bad information that wrecked some of Rospa's ships, but he led a very stiff defense that repelled the assault with such ease that Eto is now a beloved local hero.

So, now, Rospa was down to just one ship, with his crew broken, scattered, and doubting his leadership. That stuck a red-hot-poker into his ego. Hence his massive hate of Eto and Cierzo.

~ Aegix Drakan - Writer, Nine Dots


Eto Akiyuki is a member of the Akiyuki family.


  • Wrote a letter to Helen Turnbull inquiring about the Sorobor Academy. Her response can be seen here.


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